Young Muslim Girls Having Sex – A Major Source Of concern For All Muslim Women

Muslim women sex

Young Muslim Girls Having Sex – A Major Source Of concern For All Muslim Women

Sex between Muslim women and non-Muslims is not a taboo. Many girls and women are willing to explore their sexuality with non-Muslims and are ready to experiment with their bodies and minds. There is no law or Islamic law that prohibits a Muslim woman from having premarital sex. Many girls, especially college students living in Western countries, have gone to great lengths to please their significant other. They dress nicely, they talk about their likes and dislikes, and they profess their faith in Islam openly.

What is it about Muslim girls that make them eager to experiment with sex? One reason could be that the concept of ‘Allah’ is so engrained in their minds that it commands them to be modest, courteous and sincere. This attitude has helped them excel in every academic sphere including sports, medicine and engineering. It is also apparent in the way Muslim women’s dress. They are rarely seen without a head scarf which covers their entire face except for their eyes. Even then they tend to wear it loosely to hide any facial hair and to project a look of neatness, beauty and modesty.

The above reasons explain why Muslim girls are finding it easy to have premarital sex and to enjoy it to the fullest. However there are other factors that also work towards helping them enjoy their sexuality. Most teenage girls in Muslim families are very shy and scared of facing the world. They therefore seek refuge in their own homes where they can develop a healthy sexual life that is free from any constraints.

Muslim girls are naturally attractive and look dazzling in their hijabs and veils. Their beauty and charm are such that young boys are always on the lookout for them. They cannot resist the charms of these girls and even if they do not want to marry them right away they take the pains to win her over later. This makes the situation even more exciting for the girls as they know that at least with this boy their sexual life will not be condemned or avoided. In short, they will be able to enjoy their sex life to the fullest.

Another reason for the widespread sexual activity among young girls in the Muslim world is the pressure from home and from school to look good. This applies both to girls and to boys. Girls at a young age are made to feel that they should look perfect and presentable so that they can move up the social ladder and reach their potential. There are many instances where girls are sent to separate schools by parents to ensure that their education and development are not affected. By doing this their religious duty, Muslim boys have taken another step towards promoting female education in the Muslim world.

At a young age, girls begin to explore their bodies for what they really are. The sight of nakedness and the feeling of pleasure are experienced by them. The sight of two naked girls engaging in lovemaking is undoubtedly more exciting than watching two boys on a screen. It is therefore not surprising that when Muslim girls come of age they begin to experience heightened levels of sexual desires and early marriage.

Not all marriages within the Muslim community are arranged. Many times the young girls live a freer sex life than their parents. They have the option of going out to meet boys and exploring themselves sexually. Sometimes they even have pre-marital sex. This is however not condoned by Islam and is considered to be an immoral act.

As a result of the above it is no surprise that in areas where there is a higher Muslim population young adult Muslim girls are extremely sexually active. This is also true of young western girls. They come of age in the same way that girls of any culture do. They are generally sexually active and if they are married to young men belonging to the same culture they have a further incentive to remain in an arranged marriage.