There is a widespread social stigma that applies to Muslim women and their sex lives. The common perception is that these women are expected to be child-bearing mothers and should remain confined in the house to raise the children. There is an additional perception that since Islam dictates that one should not have intercourse before marriage, then a Muslim woman cannot be seen to be having pre-marital sex. This article discusses some facts about Muslim sex and divorce and points out some ways to improve the situation for Muslim women.

Statistics confirm that Muslim women are considerably more likely to live in poverty than the general population. In certain communities in Britain, for example, the ratio of poverty to income is alarmingly high for Muslim women. These statistics point to a real lack of opportunities for working class women in Islam, which goes someway to explaining why there is so much prejudice against them.

Sex outside of marriage is considered to be haram. In Islam, it is not permissible to have sexual relations before marriage. This rule is applicable to women of all ages and therefore to Muslim women as well. But it is more stringent for Muslim women. There are many factors that can influence a woman’s decision to enter a relationship. If a young woman has already had pre-marital sex, she is considered to be bound by her religious obligations even if she decides to get married.

The age of a female when she gets married also determines how long she is allowed to remain a virgin before getting ‘divorced’. Most Islamic countries do not allow women to get married until they are at least 18 years old. If she is married while she is under the age of consent, she may end up being stoned to death. So the younger a woman is when she gets married, the lesser chance there is of her getting ‘divorced’ in an Islamic country. She is better off if she does not get married before attaining puberty.

The place where a woman lives also determines how long she is allowed to remain single. If she lives in a conservative area, it is usually better for her to be a virgin until she is older. But in areas with cosmopolitan outlooks, girls who have been active in recreational sex are encouraged to delay marriage. A girl’s social and financial status can also affect her decision on whether or not she should get married. Girls who have reached a certain level of success in life are unlikely to want to enter into a potentially compromising sexual relationship.

Many women living in cosmopolitan cities like London and New York have been active participants in recreational sex. They have often seen their husbands go into a matchmaking business. This, together with the pressure from Western men to look young and sexy, gives them a sense of excitement about entering into a more traditional Muslim marriage. But women living in conservative areas who still want to remain childless should reconsider their options. If she wants to remain a virgin until she is married, she should wait until she is at least 21 years old.

Many young girls in these places are eager to be married and are looking for the best option available to them. Fortunately, many of them know that waiting for a marriage contract to become legal takes a long time. The duration between the signing of the marriage contract and the dissolution of the marriage depends greatly on the religious law of the country.

In certain regions in the Middle East and North Africa, a woman’s marriage is legally invalid if she has had pre-marital sex before she is married. This applies even if she is only engaged in an intimate relationship. If a woman does not have the consent of her husband to marry, she cannot legally consummate the marriage. If she has, she may face a criminal trial for having sex before marriage.