Why Muslim Girl Sex Is Strictly Condemned in Islam

Young Muslim girls are very excited to find out that their parents are getting married to someone from the same religion. This is a big step for them and they are extremely happy about it. Muslim girls are not so worried about the religion of the groom, they just want to be with him and start a family. In fact, they usually have a high expectation from the marriage since they believe that they will be able to live with their new husband strictly according to the Islamic law.

The first duty of the bride is to find a good and suitable groom. She can use her dowry (if she has one) or even sell her jewelry to help in paying for the expenses and getting ready for the marriage. It is really up to the bride, if she wants to take a businessman into her home to serve as her groom or let the groom come to her home.

Once the girl’s family and friends are aware that she is getting married, they prepare a reception where there is dancing, music and food. They usually have a special dinner that is arranged by the groom’s family. Muslim girl’s family invites all her friends and relatives to attend the dinner. This way, the relatives who are attending the dinner are all known and there is less chance of them being a topic of conversation between the bride and her new husband. Some of the relatives may even be invited as the bride’s attendants.

Muslim girls are not pressured into having premarital sex. They believe in the sanctity of marriage and love their husbands purely. But it is not impossible for a young girl to be seduced by her more eligible suitor. This is something that is possible. There are many cases of girls falling in love with much older men and later ending up in marriage.

The girl’s parents are very important too. They have to ensure that the girl’s education is completed. If the girl’s parents have some money, they can start educating their daughter while she is still young. Otherwise, the parents will make sure that she studies only in the Islamic faith. The girl’s religion does not allow her to get an education outside her faith. Marriage in Islam strictly forbids a non-believer from marrying someone of the opposite gender.

The girl’s parents also help her to wed the man. In this case, the girl’s parents play a major role in her marriage. Even if she gets married to a man who has lots of money, the girl’s family will still press for an education for her. Otherwise, she might be trapped in the hands of someone who will take her money and then run away with her away from her family. In a Muslim girl’s marriage, the wedding ceremony is performed only after the girl’s marriage to someone is finalized.

The religion of Islam does not accept the girl’s consent before marriage. Girls are not allowed to get educations or to work outside the home, unless the husband or the guardian permits it. The only acceptable activities for girls are those related to Islamic law, such as praying, writing and studying. These are considered to be haram, or forbidden, activities in Islam. Even talking about these topics, from the early stage of her upbringing, would raise some problems in her mind.

This explains why there are many cases of girl child abuse. The parents or guardians do not support the girl’s wishes in terms of getting education or getting a job outside the home. That’s why the abuse happens. But it is also true that the abuse does not occur because of the religion of the girl or her conservative upbringing. The problem is deeper than that.