Why Is Arabs Weird About Sex?

There is no doubt that Arabs are weird about sex and that the Arab man is not a “normal” sex-life person. But why?

Some of the reasons, I believe, are cultural and some are biological. There’s no arguing with the fact that Arabs have a different conception of sex than other cultures. There is an idea that sex in general is for procreation is the sole purpose of sex. When you compare this with the Western world, or even in Africa and Asia, you see that this is just not true.

In those places, the emphasis is on sexual pleasure. It’s not just that sex is an important activity but that it is considered a ritual that is meant to bring about a higher power and bring forth a child. Sex has nothing to do with reproduction. If you think about it, when Arabs engage in sex, it’s because they are trying to achieve orgasm, a pleasurable sensation that can be experienced as a release.

So if Arabs are interested in sexual pleasure isn’t merely a means to procreate, how come there is such a discrepancy between the sexual behavior of Arabs and that of Americans, Jews or Africans? They aren’t weird about sex. They’re just different. They’re different because they value pleasure over reproduction.

So why do Arabs get all worked up about having sex when people in America or elsewhere do not? Because Arabs feel that their culture demands it.

Arabs aren’t necessarily weird about sex, but they are very conservative and they would be embarrassed by someone coming around and asking questions about what they think of it. In the US, we say that sex is natural, so we shouldn’t make fun of the Arab for being natural, as long as it is between consenting adults. In fact, it is considered acceptable for an American man to talk dirty to his wife, but that’s the same as speaking dirty to a female friend.

Some men enjoy talking dirty to their partners, and it is perfectly OK for them to do so, but many people don’t enjoy that aspect of it because it is viewed as a form of deviant sex. and that is a major reason why Arabs are so embarrassed about their sexual behavior.

So why are Arabs weird about sex? Is it because they’re weird? Or is it because they know something you don’t?

First of all, the sex between Arab men and women isn’t as rampant and as open as that of African or American men and women. This may not be that surprising to many, as they have their own social structures. They practice a very traditional Islamic marriage and family structure. So when they do engage in sex, it’s not usually openly discussed or practiced. Instead, it’s usually done within the confines of the house or inside a secluded area.

The fact that the men don’t discuss it or practice it with women’s heads, makes them feel uncomfortable and ashamed. And that makes them scared. because of their modesty issues, they are uncomfortable with others knowing that they’ve engaged in sex with a woman not their wife.

Sex between men and women is an important part of a marriage and family life, but it is a private matter. A man and a woman cannot have sex in public and neither is expected to discuss it. The man can have sex with other women, but if it’s done in front of people who are not related, then they feel that they are being judged, and they may find themselves very embarrassed.

When Arab males have sex outside of marriage or at home, they are often asked to leave their homes because they feel uncomfortable and guilty. That is one of the reasons why many do not visit the doctor for illnesses because they feel embarrassed, even if they don’t have an illness that prevents sex from occurring. Many feel that they will be judged by other family members for engaging in a sexual relationship outside of marriage.

For Americans, Jews and Africans, sex is a normal thing and they take pride in their sexuality. For Muslims, sex is a sacred ritual that is practiced publicly and privately within their own houses.