Many questions are raised when you talk about the question of wearing Islamic head scarf during sex. One would think that these religious outfits are only worn by Muslim women. We know from western media that Arab girls wear a full veil during intercourse. Why is there so much hype about the Islamic head scarf? Let us take a closer look.

The Islamic veil was made to cover the face and the hair – as a sign of modesty and obedience to God. According to the Holy Quran, Allah wants to see his best creation – your wife. When a man and a woman are alone together, they should not have any form of sexual relationship. The bible clearly states that the woman’s blood is the substance of her husband. So, in essence, it is a sign of purity and an act of worship for the man to have intercourse with a married woman.

During times of ignorance, people wore clothing depending on their economic situation. But, this is not the case with Muslim women. They follow the rules of the holy religion of Islam and follow what their religious elders say. Their lifestyle reflects their religion, and their modesty and obedience are seen in their daily lives. Therefore, they have many reasons to wear the Islamic headscarf, which covers their entire head except the eyes.

Arab girls wear a scarf around their heads not only because they are modest but because they are also scared of being raped. Yes, these Muslim girls are not afraid to walk around with their heads covered. Their religion teaches them to be modest and not to have sexual relations until they are married. This shows that modesty is a big factor for the modesty of the Islamic faith.

It would be wrong to assume that the Muslim religion prohibits Muslim women from uncovering their heads. They can wear the Hijab or scarf as long as they are following the rules of Islam. They can also choose to remove it during certain activities like prayers and when their children or relatives are around. But, they cannot hide it under any circumstances such as running away from a battle or escaping from an abuser.

Many a times, Muslim girls to wear the Hijab out of ignorance, as it is not compulsory to wear it when outside their homes. However, as they grow older and feel uncomfortable in it, they try to find reasons to excuse themselves from doing so. But, ignorance is no longer an excuse, especially when it comes to matters as important as their very own bodies. Therefore, why do they still wear a veil when they know that they can freely and safely have intercourse?

The answer to the question “Why do Arab girls wear a head scarf during sex?” is quite simple – for them to have less chances of being sexually abused. They can freely go around their houses and do what they want, without feeling the slightest bit embarrassed or guilty about it. This is because the crime rate against girls who wear hijabs is the lowest in the world, which means they will be free to have sex as much as they want.

So, is it right to force women to wear a veil when they don’t want to? The answer would be NO. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves how they want to look, whether they want to be covered or not. And Arab girls should be free to decide how much they want to keep their heads covered during sexual intercourse.