Why Arab Girls Wear Hijab During Sex?

Arab girls wear hijab during sex to preserve virginity. To some, this is a “taboo” and that the hijab was imposed by the Meccan Arabs. As Islam became mainstream in the Arab world, things changed dramatically and soon, much was different. The practice of hijab did not disappear completely, but it became a very conservative matter that could be practiced only in certain areas and if one’s ancestors were from these areas.

Young teenage boys and girls still do it now and they wear it in secret. Many prefer to keep the practice and avoid being subjected to teasing from their peers. There are those who even wear it when they are alone at home.

During puberty, these young boys and girls to make sure that they are as covered as possible. They consider this as a form of covering themselves before Allah. While some see this as strange, others take this to be normal. This practice is fast fading away.

With a growth in media and availability of condoms, the idea of covering up for sexual intercourse is no longer desirable. It has become a joke. This practice is gradually giving way to a more open-minded culture where women and men are able to have sexual relations without any concern about their clothes.

For some, though, the idea of hiding their modesty seems too awkward or embarrassing and so they choose to wear a hijab to the right places. As an example, they might wear it to the office, during public ceremonies and occasions like the Hajj and Umrah. They could also go to other public places like swimming pools, beaches and clubs.

Nowadays, many are buying these items and wearing them, often secretly. This practice is slowly becoming a trend in many countries in the Arab world. By taking this step, they feel confident and can be themselves. Even though these are more conservative places, there are a lot of variations in dress codes.

The practice of hijab during sexual intercourse has been given another dimension in the Western world. It is believed that the hijab was a method to prevent a girl from menstruating, while another version says that this was a form of birth control.

It is mostly due to the media’s perception that has changed how people view this practice. It is no longer something shameful, but it is something normal. Many feel that this will help spread this belief and eventually it will fade away.

According to some media outlets, some think that it is “not the Muslim duty” to cover their modesty while having sex. For them, they feel that it is less shameful to wear hijab during sex if the girl and the boy are healthy and abstain from sex.

In countries like Saudi Arabia, the hijab during sexual intercourse is considered “rude”. In fact, there is a saying that says that they should “cover up” as a sign of shame to the other person. Some girls and boys do not cover their modesty because they believe that their foreheads are “dirty”.

If the hijab is worn during sexual intercourse, there is less chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease like HIV or HPV. Women in such countries have a very high rate of cervical cancer and so having sex unprotected during this period is dangerous.

Although hijab during sexual intercourse is a common practice, there are still some who are against it. One of the reasons is that covering up the modesty of a girl or woman makes it easier for them to be subject to sexual harassment by males. Other reasons include religious beliefs that the veil and its covering is a symbol of submission to Allah and of shyness in the face of men.