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Who Are These Arab Men?

For those of you who are not familiar with this website, it is the website that is meant to make the difference between those Arab men who visit prostitutes and those who don’t. It aims to make sure that such a distinction is made.

The site’s Patrice Faranda writes: “We wanted to know why so many men in the Arab world don’t want to get involved with prostitutes and go out into the street to purchase sex. If they do they are very unwilling to look into other options. They are the type of guys who do not wish to be caught having sexual relations outside of a marriage.

They are sex-starved, having lost their libido, tired of the commercials, tired of all the sexual repression, etc. They can’t stand the idea of women being given pleasure outside of marriage or of seeing a woman’s body, or her face, touched or fondled.

No sex was ever discussed or even mentioned with my brother until he talked to a friend about it. He told my sister, who came home and said, ‘Pardon me, but are you saying you are dating a girl?’ She told him no, but she would not deny that they had been talking about it.

My brother and his friend went to a motel for a drink and Patrice helped him through the night and it is there where he made a statement that changed everything. All this was through e-mail.

The reality of this is that if all the Arab men who went to the “pimps” on the internet were listed on the website “www Xnxx Arab“, then the world would have known a lot more about them. Many of them are shy about talking to the media, for fear of being labeled gay. Others just don’t know what else to say.

The prostitution industry profits a great deal from low-income migrant women who don’t have any savings, little education, few skills, no job skills, low-paying jobs, lack of sexual education and rape statistics that show how many Arab men visit prostitutes. They’ve learned that if they just stay quiet, they’ll just get a break. They are very happy to try the hooker, because they think it’s just better than sex with a woman.

Sex without dignity isn’t a big deal, but some women can’t take the humiliation. Women who’ve been abused and or forced to work for many years are very quick to become prostitutes because they want to escape from the trauma.

A relationship of trust, respect and intimacy is required for these relationships to flourish, not a sex that is forced and demeaning. Arab men who visit prostitutes and don’t want to look into other options, are simply being shallow, immature and insensitive.

Pamela Jean writes: “I believe this site is great, especially for those Arab women in the Middle East who want to keep themselves away from exploitation by those who prey on them. I also believe that a website like this makes a difference to the Arab women who chose not to involve themselves in this corrupt area by choosing a life of dignity.”

Pamela Jean, who goes by the name of Pamela Jeanoffers a free weekly newsletter called Pamela Jean Ocho – “I am Pam Jean, and I write the newspaper!” on her website. It is aimed at women from all over the world.

She writes about everything that she finds interesting. The website also includes other good articles from regular columnists, as well as Patrice. This is one of the most popular websites today, it has millions of hits every month.