What is the Sex Guide For Her?

Sex Mona Farouk

What is the Sex Guide For Her?

In the first few pages of Sex Mona Farouk, the author repeatedly emphasizes the importance of the female orgasm. She tells us that it is the ultimate sexual experience and that without it, we are no better than animals. But does she actually believe this? And if so, how come some women seem to find it impossible to have an orgasm? In this article we will answer these questions and more!

Sex is a complicated act to begin with but Sex Mona Farouk goes even further by showing how the act of orgasm varies between women. This is not the fault of the writer; it is the nature of our biology. Nature is what we were born with, that is how we are made and how we reproduce. But because we are a living thing with emotions, the penetration of the act of sex can be so very different between men and women.

Women do not achieve orgasm the same way men do. We have very different triggers that set off the secretion of hormones, both of which have great impact on whether we have an orgasm or not. Men are very predictable and their methods of orgasm are well known. They tend to hit their climaxes almost immediately after beginning stimulation. As soon as you touch them right there and then – they’re already done. Women on the other hand usually have longer before they have their major peak but many of them also have a minor orgasm right there and then as well.

So if this is the case, why do some women continue to have orgasms after penetration? The answer lies in the fact that their bodies are programmed differently. Nature wants different things from men and women and when they come together during sexual intercourse, the result is often not what either one wants. In order for her to achieve an orgasm, Sex Mona recommends using various techniques to stimulate her erogenous zones in order to set off these very special responses. It is not a book written for men to read, but rather one that can help women discover and enjoy the sexual tension that exists between them.

Another major difference between the Sex Mona program and other guides is the focus on what the woman wants. In most guides, the female’s orgasm is seen as an extension of the man’s. In fact, the book would make a great educational manual for first time sex therapists or people who want to spice up a relationship by bringing some spice into it. Sex Mona emphasizes the importance of the female orgasm to a relationship as well as how important the female partner is during and after sex. This is a major departure from other guides and many readers have been surprised at how differently the rules are implemented when it comes to sex.

For example, if you ask the Sex Mona guide “How To Give Your Woman An Orgasm”, they will tell you that women prefer it rough (meaning more friction). Men on the other hand are more concerned with making sure that his penis rubs the right way towards her vagina and feels good in her hand. Other tips included in the book include “hitting the g-spot” and “making love to her from behind”. So the actual content within the guide actually varies depending on what the author deems as relevant.

The Sex Mona program also differs from many other guides in that it focuses on how pleasurable having sex can be for both men and women. While many guides tell you that you should orgasm using thrusting, Sex Mona shows you that women prefer to have sex where the man is in control and reaches climax involuntarily. It is common practice for men to climax involuntarily when making love to a woman; however, women don’t tend to. It is believed that this is because women find it far more enjoyable if their partner achieves an orgasm using her own movement and power.

Sex Mona is also different from many guides in that it focuses on giving pleasure to both men and women through foreplay and intercourse. Many men feel that they have to orgasm quickly during intercourse in order to be sexually satisfied; however, Women on the other hand prefer to enjoy sex where the man is in complete control and reaches climax naturally. With this in mind, Sex Mona provides both men and women with an all-over body and clitoral massaging experience to help them achieve the ultimate sexual satisfaction they crave.