What is a Story of Incest?

If you have children or are thinking about having children, you will be interested in finding out more about the stigma surrounding incest and what it might mean for your kids. For children, stories of incest are not unique. They can happen in the family circle.

Stories incest

Your child may have been told, “Your brother and sister are in love.” Or “Your aunt and uncle were in love when they were married.” This is a powerful example of what stories incest does to a child. Now imagine being told that you have incestuous relationships with your siblings.

Your parents may tell you that they did not know anything about these stories, and yet they themselves have their own tales. If they were telling you this in the past, maybe they will tell you this when they start telling you about their relationship with their parents and siblings as a child.

When your parents did not have to deal with the consequences of being sexually abused, they told you the stories in the hope that they would not have to deal with the consequences of being told that they have incestuous relationships. You may think that this is only from your childhood, but is not. If your parents told you these stories, it could also be true about your siblings, and that could lead to accusations of incest against your parents or siblings.

Even if you never experienced non-consensual incestuous encounters, you could experience a sudden change in the way you feel about your parents if you hear stories about them. Some parents are very protective of their children and may no longer listen to them about everything they feel.

If you have been hurt by other children in the past, but you were never sexually abused, you may have already developed a certain distance between you and your parents that will cause you to be defensive and dismissive. If you are told stories of incest, this might be compounded by the protective stance that you have been taking.

If you find yourself arguing with your parents over what you believe in, you will be pulled closer to them by stories of incest. Just because you did not experience incestuous relationships, does not mean that you cannot get pregnant through this form of fertility. Some couples who have had incestuous relationships were very fertile.

It is possible to have incestuous relationships without ever having been physically forced. Your mind may start to understand the concept of being forced to participate in sexual intercourse and conception, but does not actually have it. You can still conceive.

Some people who have never been forced to engage in intercourse or conception will insist that the physical act is a good one and will not want to stop it. This could also be a thing that you hear about other people’s parents.

It is your duty to your child, especially if you have never had any problems with incest, to let him or her know that you do not believe in stories of incest. It is not enough to say, “That is a story that I have heard.”

Children are smart and have a lot of knowledge of how the world works. If you do not teach them the meaning of true love, they will learn it by watching what their parents do and how they treat their siblings.