What Do Arab Girls Wear Hijabs For?

Arab girls wear hijab during sex

What Do Arab Girls Wear Hijabs For?

Many men ask me the question, “Why do Arab girls wear a head scarf during sex?” They see the veil as a religious accessory, which covers up their head and body. But I tell them that it is not a religious symbol, but rather an Islamic fashion symbol. A head scarf has many meanings, but the main purpose is to keep hair away from face and eyes during times of modesty.

Many Muslim women in the United States opt to wear a head scarf, or hijab, while they are outside in public. It has become quite popular to wear one as a part of your everyday attire. They come in a variety of styles and colors and they are often decorated with beads, lace and ribbons. They can be worn over a simple blouse or shirt and they can also be layered under a long turban or scarf for extra emphasis.

As a cultural and religion, Islam strictly forbids sex for unmarried women. But as an American, I see the veil as a way to cover up the face and body while still enjoying all the same social benefits of being a woman. Although Islam does not specify how one should wear the veil, the most important factor is to be modest and conservative. The point of the head scarf is to create a covering that will not restrict movement and allow for free facial expressions. The only time I can imagine that it would be appropriate to wear a veil during sex is when one is married and has children. Otherwise, it is better for her to pull off the veil and show her face and body during those times.

Not everyone enjoys a veil. Some people do not like the idea of a religion regulating their private aspects. However, as Americans, we enjoy this form of clothing because it is a form of tradition and heritage. It is not only limited to women. Men of all cultures and religions wear them, and there is nothing offensive about a man wearing a turban or a kurta.

A common question I get from Arab girls is “What if I am not Arab?” Shouldn’t the religion be one that is universally accepted? Shouldn’t hijabs be worn by anyone who is Muslim? Well, as Americans, we have a choice. We can choose to follow traditions that are based on our heritage, or we can choose to follow those which are less rigid and more flexible. Many argue that Islam requires modesty, but that is far from the truth.

There are plenty of documented cases of abuse and rape in Islam, and we cannot turn a blind eye to that. In addition, the idea that a veil is required for Muslim women to enjoy sex just doesn’t make sense. So, if you are an Arab girl and you are not comfortable with your face covered during sex, then why not wear a head scarf?