What Are The Different Types Of Incest?

There are a lot of online articles and news reports, about incest. These often go under the theme of mother, father and child, or family and love. What these articles or reports don’t tell you is that there are several different types of incest. The types of incest vary, depending on the relationship between the parents and their children.

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You probably know incest from its Greek name, oikonomia, or polyandry. In Greek, oikonomia means two heads, meaning two or more people related to one another.

Polyandry is more commonly called family incest, but baby incest and other types of incest aren’t just about one child being related to more than one parent. Depending on the relationship, they may involve more than one child. Sometimes, parents may become sexually involved with their children, but not in a sexual way.

Some forms of baby incest are where parents or both parents become sexually involved with the child, but not in a sexual way. In these types of incest, they may bond with the child over a common cause or something else. The incest may be connected to jobs, religion, or even poverty. If you think of this as an extension of something bigger, it’s really incest and will not go unnoticed or unacknowledged.

Still other forms of incest happen when parents have children together. When this happens, the parents may not know the sex of the child, but it is still considered incest and should be reported to the authorities.

Some states have specific laws about these two different forms of baby incest. In many cases, it is a crime and could be prosecuted by either the police or the state. Even though it is technically against the law, reporting it could get the attention of a child molester.

Parents who are getting involved with their children are usually doing so without the knowledge of the children. They may be engaging in sexual activity with the child, but may not even know if the child has become pregnant. This type of situation doesn’t have to be reported, because it will not necessarily harm the child. Some states require reports to be made, as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed.

Children may have been sexually abused by someone or abused themselves. It could have occurred in a home, a school, or outside of it. Parents who knowingly put their children at risk of abuse should not be able to keep their sexual relationship secret. Not only will it put the child at risk, but it could possibly cause them to be abused again.

Some states have some form of incest laws for children of unwed parents. The laws vary from state to state, so it’s best to contact your local state department of health for more information. There may be specific incest laws that apply to children of unwed parents, depending on where you live. You may be able to get your state to provide more information on the topic.

Maybe you may be looking into adoption. Here, parents may have to consult their local government for more information.

The more you research the topic, the more you’ll learn about the different types of incest. This article may have given you a better understanding of the different types of incest.