Urgent Demand For Muslim Women’s Sexual Health Education

Sex between a Muslim man and a Muslim woman is not only one of the most beautiful moments in their life but it is also an expression of their faith. Their religious beliefs prohibit them from adultery or fornication, and they must use their tongue and their genitals only for the purposes of procreation and marital rape. Because of these strict rules on sexual activities, many young Muslim girls are forced into early marriages with men who are older than they are or who are considered to be “unedified”. These young women are then forced to live in arranged marriages where the marriage is primarily for the purpose of reproduction and does not involve pleasure. In these arranged marriages, the sexual relationships are the sole purpose of the relationship and when the marriage is over these young women are forced to experience the consequences of their actions. Many of these young women have become victims of rape and have lost their lives as a result.

Muslim sex

Raped during forced marriage, the young women are often taken to an old age house and gang-raped. There is very little information on how this occurs in certain areas in Pakistan but according to some reports, the young bride is bound by her religious guardians to remain in the house until she is married off. After this, she is taken to an old age house and given away to a younger Muslim whose family has approved the marriage. Some of these young girls are reportedly allowed to see their families but are forbidden to talk to them or to have any communication with them. They are said to be kept very quiet and are never told of their experiences during this time.

The first reported case of a Muslim sex slave was in Karachi in the seventies. A girl was abducted and brought to a madhouse, where she was repeatedly sexually assaulted. She was eventually rescued by the police and was treated for her wounds. This is the same story that took place in Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates as well. The main perpetrators in these cases are the Islamic Mafia or Al Qaeda terrorists groups which operate in the region and offer the young Muslim women and young adult men as a slavery market.

The first task that any respectable Muslim should take upon himself is to register his own children under the child sexual abuse registry. These services are provided by specialized organizations in the regions. But there is a problem with the registration itself. The registered Muslim women and girls are denied the right to visit their doctors for regular checkups and treatment. It means that the primary goal of any government organization and the United Nation must be to set up a system for the prompt and proper identification of all the victims of any form of sexual abuse irrespective of religion or faith.

In a few cities in the United States such as Fairfax in the United States and Chicago in the United States, the government is providing education about trafficking, domestic violence and other issues related to sexual abuse. However, in the entire Muslim world, there are no educational programs on these issues. Only the Muslim Women’s Health Education Program in Saudi Arabia is providing education on the same. The educators say that since the cases of sexual abuse are so prevalent among the Muslims in the country, there is a real problem and hence the demand for educational programs on the topic.

On the contrary, the demand for programs to combat the problem of Muslim sex slaves is also not very high in the Muslim world. Only a few educational institutions are offering the education on such issues to the Muslims in the country. Most of them are run by a man named Abdul Basit Usmani, who works as an adviser to the ruler. The ruler has the full authority to enroll any individual in any program he chooses. Since the demand for education is very high in the country, especially since majority of the population follows the conservative umma, the authorities have allowed for only the most qualified individuals to become an educator.

Many victims of sexual assault are not very well educated, which leaves them very vulnerable when it comes to filing a lawsuit against their abusers. The attackers would be aware that most states do not have provisions for Muslim women survivors. They will not be granted access to the court to seek compensation. This leaves the victims with no other option than to trust the government officials. Some of these victims are even reluctant to file for a lawsuit. They feel that since they are from a different culture, their claim will not hold water.

However, the sad truth is that most of these victims are not only lacking information but also lack the courage to come forward and press charges. Many of them fear that if they press charges, it will tarnish the reputation of the whole community. They are afraid that their community will be in danger if they are identified. It is this pressure which keeps these women hidden from the rest of society. For these reasons, it is a wonder why there is hardly any information about the need for Muslim women’s sexual health education in the Muslim community.