Understanding Arab Sex

Arab sex is quite different from the sexual pleasures enjoyed by the Westerners. Most of the Arab countries have no concept of birth control and are forbidden to have more than one partner. This gives them a free hand to be adventurous with their partners and is the reason why most of them indulge in having sex with more than one partner.

Arab sex

This practice was called as “Old wives’ tales” when the people of Arabian countries were brought by Arab traders. The Arab men had the “Wife carrying the baby”, a practice which has been a tradition in Arab culture. Most of the women prefer to travel with their husbands to satisfy their sexual desires as long as they have been brought from another part of the world.

In fact, when it comes to the topic of Arab sex, the secrets have been passed on by the very wives of the ancient Arab rulers. It seems that the ancient Arabs never considered it as being dirty. As such, they practiced having sex with more than one partner in an attempt to find a solution to the problem of fertility.

This practice became a part of old wives’ tales, when the West moved to Arabia. During those days, the Westerners had no idea of what to do with this practice as it was not widely practiced at that time. They were shocked when they came across the Arab couples who freely had sex with more than one partner.

The practice of having sex with more than one partner was termed as “monogamy” in pre-Islamic times. They had nothing to do with the practice and considered it as a shameful act. Some people say that there was a woman who could seduce more than one man.

The origin of the practice was a symbol of fidelity and honor, among the ancient Arabs. Many of the old wives tales attribute this matter to the bond of marriage and the death of lovers after the marriages have taken place. Since they had to live with another person for the rest of their lives, they decided to spread the secret to the younger generation.

Today, when the Arab countries are experiencing economic crisis, the practice of the Arabs has become a cause of concern for many people all over the world. This is why many of the governments have introduced measures to help Arab countries such as abolishing the concept of old wives’ tales.

These days, you can find thousands of Arab men and women roaming the streets, but they have been banned from having illegal and unregistered sex jobs. It has been placed under the list of criminal records and hence, these women have to wear the veil before entering any Arab country.

However, this development has made the Arab men a lot more conscious of their sexual preferences. They do not only plan their own sexual adventures but also send their partners to other Arab countries to have the same experience with them. For a long time, they used to have sex with other men at home and only were told about it when they get married.

It took a long time for these men to appreciate the idea of old wives’ tales and the respect they get from their partners. Today, it is a norm to have Arab sex in the home before going to a partner’s place to have the same experience.

It is believed that it was the first culture to have sexual activities in the house before going to a private place. Since then, this culture evolved and became a part of the Arab culture. Though, it was unknown for so many years, it became an integral part of the Arab culture today.