The Top Five Favorite Dream Movies

If you have seen the trailers and were hooked on the movie that started it all, Dream movies Xxx is going to be the best pick of the bunch. Directed by none other than Quentin Tarantino, this is one movie that will not let you down. It is sure to become one of the best-selling horror films of all time. The premise is extremely brilliant in that the director takes us to a post-apocalyptic world, populated only by those who have the “courageous” power to survive. With an intense dark humor, this is one movie that will keep you engaged from start to finish.

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It picks up after the events of the first “Resident Evil” film, where the world has been destroyed. In this movie, the world is safe once again thanks to the existence of a top-secret military base. The evil Dr. Isaac’s bases his operations from here on, and he intends on using a serum to make every human in the world turn into a monster. Dreamworks was able to create a fantastic plot involving the serum, as well as making it one of the best “otech-horror” movies ever made.

The storyline and acting are both top notch. Not only do we get to see how the virus affects everyone around the globe (with some amazing set pieces and special effects), but we are introduced to a new character in the form of an infected nurse. This proves to be an entertaining addition to the already great plot.

Dream works hard to make its movie worth your time. The acting is great throughout, and there is plenty of violence. But, they try to keep it entertaining at the same time. The special effects were really great, especially when fighting off the hordes of zombies that are thrown at the screen.

There were many familiar faces from previous movies showing up, such as Dr. Isaac, Dr. Eleanor Rosewood, Dr. Isaac’s wife, and others. Dream works to expand upon their back-story while still providing thrills to the overall story. There were several near-death experiences that made the entire film that much more intense. These experiences left the audience wanting more.

One movie that should definitely be on this list is King Kong. I’m not sure why, but seeing a giant, insect-like creature running around was more thrilling than watching one of those mindless comedies. But, what was even scarier was when he started eating people (it was the dinosaurs in the film, remember). While there were some laugh-out-loud moments, the graphic content was definitely over the top. It was so over the top that it made me wish I hadn’t even bothered to pick this movie up. If you have the opportunity to see this movie, you should definitely take advantage of it.

One other movie that should be on this list is Jurassic Park. This movie didn’t do too well at the box office, but it did give us a glimpse into the future of mankind. In this movie, a group of scientists were excavating a dinosaur skull when they accidentally get Chihuahua DNA inside of it. Now, there are a lot of things that could happen in this future, but seeing the DNA brought back to life and how that changed the world was really intriguing. While some people might not appreciate the futuristic elements in this movie, I can say that this was one of the better ones to come out during the 1990’s.

Hopefully, this list has given you some suggestions for films that you will definitely enjoy. And remember, don’t judge a movie by its trailer’s. Instead, look for the actual movie to see if it delivers on its promise of entertainment and thrills. After all, that’s the only way to see a movie for the first time. Good luck!