The Posh Adventures – Book Review

Alexa Loren in sex home scene

The Posh Adventures – Book Review

Alexa Loren in Sex and the City? It’s a question that’s been bugging my mind for quite some time now. I remember liking the show, though not thoroughly. But then, I also loved the movie version and it seemed like an apt fit for Miranda as the central character. I also thought it would be funny to have a female protagonist in a fictional sex home scene.

Now we’ve got the second season of Sex and the City. The first scene was so good, I bet you didn’t even realize it was happening. In the third episode, Carrie makes her way into a sexy lingerie shop with a rather large (but not too large) clutch bag. You’ll have to wait until the end of the next article to see what happens there, but needless to say, it’s super funny. We get to see Carrie’s exploration of her sexuality with a variety of interesting characters in a rather unusual setting.

Anyway, back to Alexa. She goes into a pink flannel pyjamas and meets Mr. Elton, who is a rich playboy who loves to talk about his love life. He asks her out on a candlelight dinner, but before he can get her to go, she notices something off about him. Turns out he’s got a secret love of pheromones from a group called Pheromone Select.

You’ll have to read the entire book to uncover all the details, but suffice to say, Alexa is intrigued by the whole concept of Pheromones. It turns out that her favorite guy from Pheromone Select happens to be the book’s main character, Matthew McConaughey. At first, she doesn’t believe him. “There’s no way a woman can smell a man’s Cologne,” she tells him. “How could you know?” But when he starts to tell her about the special effects that his perfume has, and the way the women around him react to them (all while sniffing deeply and talking animatedly), Alexa gets curious.

In one scene, Matthew McConaughey is talking to a Pheromone Select employee named Alexa. They’re talking about how to set up a scene in her home, where she’ll “sizzle” for him. So, naturally, Alexa has no idea what that means. When he leads her into her bedroom, however, she smells Mr. Elton’s Cologne. It turns out that the reason her father fired her was because she sniffed his Cologne.

So, as you can imagine, after this exchange, Mr. Elton invites Alexa to his house so he can give her a little pampering. That’s when Alexa gets all hot and bothered, wants to know what pheromones are, and why everyone smells so good. This is a typical scene from the book, as these two characters interact. They’re both incredibly intrigued by the other, and their chemistry just melts into the background. When Alexa realizes that her father was the reason for her unhappiness, and that pheromones are what’s making everyone smell so good, she starts explaining to Matthew what she’s learned from her mother, but the whole conversation turns into an argument about her father’s finances.

What I love about this scene in the book is that we get to see the back-and-forth exchange of ideas between Alexa and Matthew. Throughout the book, we’ve seen Alexa struggles with her feelings about her father, and we’ve seen her trying to figure out how to live with her circumstances. The scene where she finally stands up for herself and asks him what he makes when he’s not at home illustrates how difficult those things are for her. We also see Matthew trying to convince her to go back to him, so he can fulfill her dreams of having a good, loving life.

I’m not sure whether or not you’ll like this scene. Some people will find it uncomfortable. Others won’t. That’s okay, though, because once you’re done with “The Posh Adventures,” the entire book is just wonderful. I highly recommend giving “The Posh Adventures” a read.