The New Arab Women

“Arab Women Xxx” is a controversial and thought-provoking book written by David Barsamian. In this book he claims that the traditional role of the Arab woman in Islam is being threatened by her modern day counterpart, the Western woman. In fact, the book is divided into two sections, the first dealing with issues of gender and honor and the second with issues of slavery, domestic violence, and rape. It is obvious from the title that Barsamian’s main thesis is that the traditional gender roles are being threatened by the advent of western culture and civilization. We will, in this article, take a brief look at what he says about these two issues.

The traditional gender roles of Arab women have been under threat for many years. After centuries of tradition and centuries of conquering and colonizing other nations, the Arabs have seen their gender become secondary to the macho, aggressive man in their society. For Arab women, their place has always been second to men and this is why the traditional roles of women have been weakened and even changed beyond recognition in the contemporary Arab world. Under these conditions the woman has no strength, no power, and becomes like a dependent person, like an instrument of one’s will.

In order to weaken the position of the woman in society and make her dependent, the societies have made certain concessions, giving away certain things in order to weaken her and make her submissive to man. In some societies the woman is not allowed to talk or move beyond certain barriers set up by the society, such as where she is married. The woman is not supposed to decide on her own what she does and how she acts. In some Arab societies the woman is even forced to marry and be a housewife, which means, she is tied down to one location and cannot go out and enjoy herself to the maximum.

Not only is the woman bound by her obligations but the contract, the marriage contract, is also equally bound by the religion and the culture of the people. In Islam marriage is very sacred and involves very elaborate legal transactions, a very meticulous behavior and responsibilities. In Arab culture, a woman is considered a property of the man and in some societies she is only allowed to live with her husband for the rest of her life. Even if a woman wants to leave her husband and live with her own family, the case is considered a big offense and she will suffer a lot of consequences, such as being ‘rejected’ by the community.

But Arab women are not really slaves in the Arab culture. Although, according to the society, they are, it is a very different culture from ours and they are allowed to have their own identity, freedom, and even choose to be part of any other nationality, culture, group, or religion. Although the law protects them, the women are still subject to certain customs and traditions that they find hard to accept in their new Arab country. For example, most Arab women do not like the compulsory wearing of the head scarf, known as the hijab by Arab women. It is considered as a symbol of Islamic faith by many Arab women and many of them refuse to comply with this demand.

As a result of these many customs and beliefs, Arab women face many difficulties when they try to adapt into the new Arab society. However, with the help of their new Arab husband and community, they are now getting over these problems. Many Arab women are now able to lead their lives happily in their own country and they feel proud of themselves because of their good looks and Arab appearance. Although, there are many Arab women who still wear their conservative Arab dress, the majority of them are now enjoying their freedom. And they can even wear the new styles that are introduced by Arab designers and are now making an impression on the western world.

Nowadays, there are many new styles that are very attractive and appealing for the Arab women. One of the new styles is the long black dress, which is considered as more fashionable and trendy than the long gowns worn by Arab women in the past. This new style is becoming more popular and more acceptable by Arab men and many of them are finding it very appealing. The new Arab bridal gowns have many advantages compared to the old traditional gowns that the Arab women used to wear before. The new gowns are becoming lighter and fit perfectly on the new wearer. These gowns are being designed by many different designers in order to meet the needs of the new generation of Arab women.

Arab women are now choosing to live their lives in a different way and they are slowly adapting to the new culture and lifestyle of their new husbands and new societies. This is also an important factor that has contributed to the development of the societies and countries of the Middle East. There are many new schools that are introducing new courses for the new generation of Arab women. In these courses, they are taught the right etiquette and social norms in the society and the right ways of living a successful life. In this way, the generations of Arab women will be well-balanced and this is the foundation of a healthy society.