The Arab hijab Sex Policy Explained

The Arab hijab sex law is a controversial topic in the Muslim world. Some scholars feel that it violates Islamic law, which permits ‘spouses’ to have no pre-nuptial sexual intercourse. Yet, some argue that it is a choice of religion and a cultural practice that has been adopted by the women of the Islamic nations. Whatever the arguments may be, this law is causing tension between the west and Muslim women.

Arab hijab sex

Many years ago, some American and European women flogged by their own men were paraded through the streets in front of scores of men, who jeered and taunted them. Such was the ferocity with which some men judged some of these empowered, bold women. But the situation is gradually improving. In fact, many Arab women are leading such empowered lifestyles that they do not mind showing off for their western husbands. This is something that was unimaginable a few decades ago.

A few years back, a prominent Egyptian writer once commented on the ‘barbaric’ Arab way of living. She insisted that some things must be accepted. She did not refer to the marriage laws but she did liken it to the Indian practice of ‘negging’. She described it as a male chauvinism that ruined the social value of women. I agree with her on this.

The writer was right in one regard. The Arab women have taken up the traditions and customs of their religion and made them their own. They value their rights and will live with that, whatever the political or social situation. But, I think this is a good thing.

Islam does not state that a woman must be submissive. On the contrary, the prophet Mohammed (SAW) preached that it was the right of the women to be independent. And he never advocated violence or physical abuse on women. There are many instances in the Sunnah (way of life) of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), where he was pictured as a gentle being who loved his wife with all his heart.

But, the same gentle nature that was shown towards his wives was also shown towards his female followers. They did not tolerate harassment by their husbands and abused their rights as women. That’s the reason so many Arabic women are independent today.

Islam respects all human rights. It doesn’t discriminate against any one group or gender. It doesn’t say anyone is better than anyone else. It doesn’t ask you to become a certain way or be loyal to someone. All it asks is that you practice what is preached by your religion, by your faith.

That’s the great value of Islam. It doesn’t try to impose anything on anyone. It only asks that you follow the guidelines and perform your duties in the given religion. So, I can only respect that.

The teaching is very clear about having mutual trust and respect between a man and his wife. You cannot have sexual intercourse until you have repented and given your wife a religiously approved divorce notice. This is a requirement for all Arabic countries. Sex before marriage is considered a sin. It is something that is discouraged and a woman who has pre-marital sex is considered an adult in the eyes of law.

Many women in the Arab world do not like to discuss these things. They are afraid that if they talk about having pre-marital sex, then their whole family will be tarnished in the eyes of law and religion. In other words, a divorce will follow. Is that something that a woman wants?

No. It is not. I only speak from experience. I know that there are many Arab and Muslim women who are successful and accomplished in business, medicine, academics and government. But, they remain faithful to their religion and their culture and value the personal relationship that God has given them.

In fact, some of these women have even reached the pinnacle of government. And they remain true to their religion and culture. It is what God intended for them. So, if you are an Arab or Muslim, keep in mind that your personal status does not have anything to do with your ability to perform your duties as a human being. Treat others the same way and you too will find happiness and success in life.