For a young journalist whose work focuses on Arab society, sex in the Arab world is the antithesis of sport. According to an Egyptian gynecologist, “Sex in the Arab world is the opposite of football.” Everyone talks about the game, but hardly anyone plays it, and there’s a general sense of shame surrounding sex in the region. But, the gynecologist said, no one wants to talk about it.

Sex in a modern Arabic countries

Since the 1950s, the Arab region has been going through a dark age. It has closed off its minds and has been closed off from thought and discussion. Islamic conservatives have hijacked the argument about sex and made it impossible to have a sexual life. They have created a climate of shame and fear over the issue, and it’s hard for a young person to have an open and happy relationship.

While heterosexual sexual relations are socially acceptable in the Arab world, it’s largely confined to marriage. It’s still a matter of balancing the demands of family, religion, and career over sexual freedom. However, there are other forms of sex that are both historical and religious and are acceptable in the context of Islamic religion. Despite their historical context, Islam has traditionally encouraged the pursuit of sexual pleasure, and it’s not unusual for people in the Arab world to embrace the idea of asexuality.

Although heterosexual marriage is the only social context for sex in the Arab world, this doesn’t mean that it’s hopeless. The issue of sex in the Arab world will take decades to resolve. Many Westerners believe that a sexual revolution in the Arab world is unimaginable. But if we compare the Western sexual revolution to the evolution of the Islamic world, we can see that the Arab world has already experienced a massive change in social and political practices.

Since the 1950s, the Arab world has gone through a period of closed-mindedness, which has affected the way sex is discussed. Muslim clerics have hijacked the arguments around sex, creating an environment of shame that can cause people to hide their sexuality. The Arab world has a history of being extremely conservative, so the Islamic conservatives often use religion as a tool to control the people in their community.

The Arab world is not as hopeless as Westerners think. It’s just that the conversation about sex in the Arab world is going to take years and decades, not weeks or months. Most Westerners think that a sexual revolution in the Arab world is a dream, but in reality, it’s a possibility. Just like in the West, sex in the Arab world is a social norm, and it’s a norm in the Arab world.