It’s a dream come true for Alexa Loren, she’s in the best sex scenes of her life. She’s at work in her corporate position, getting paid well for doing something so dull. She longs to get back to her sensual self, and with a little help from her friends, she gets what she wants. In this Alexa Loren in home sex scene, you get to see her in a very sensuous situation, and you get to see her perform multiple sexy moves. Enjoy!

Alexa Loren in sex home scene

This Alexa is having one of the best times of her life. She’s at home, alone, and there’s just some relaxation involved. While watching TV, she decides to slip away from everyone and spend some time by herself. The TV is quiet, but there’s no shortage of people around her, all of them trying to get a piece of her. Alexa is content, but notices that there are other people in the house. She’s fascinated by the fact that there’s another woman in her home, and she decides to join them for a little help.

Her friends encourage her to strip, and while doing so, she overhears her friends discussing the big scene she’ll be having the next day. She gets even more aroused as she imagines all of the attention that will be turned on her when she walks in on them. Her mind stops racing as she realizes that these women aren’t just her friends, and that she’ll have to seduce them in order to get even with her cheating husband. You’ll see what Alexa does to get even with her cheating hubby in this sex scene.

Alexa decides she needs to seduce her friend, but first she needs to distract her friend so she can seduce her. So, she invites her over to her place, and they both agree to take turns performing seductive acts on each other. They each perform oral sex on the other, and Alexa gets to decide how much time she wants to spend on getting her man totally satisfied. She then decides how long she wants him to be fully aroused before she gets to seduce him.

When it’s time for her to seduce him, her friends help her and take turns performing embarrassing sex moves on him while Alexa performs topless push-ups on him. When the time comes for Alexa to get on top, she gets his penis completely stiff right before he knows what is going on. The seduction is complete when she climbs on top of him and rides him until he loses his mind.

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