Press Briefing: 2 December 2017

Press Briefing by Manuel de Almeida e Silva
Spokesman for the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and by United Nations Agencies in Afghanistan


02 December 2017


Today’s Guests

Today’s a very special day, as we have three special guests. Three ladies, the one you see here who is doing the sign language is Ms. Parween Azimi, she is the National Advisor for Special Education with the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled. Next to her Mrs. Malalai Lemar,member of the Women’s Association for Disability on Afghanistan and next to her Mrs. Rahima Qaumi who is a member of the Afghan Association for the Deaf.

At the end of the briefing they will talk to you and take your questions.

  • New three-year strategy for disabled

Tomorrow will be the International Day of Disabled Persons. In his message, Secretary General Kofi Annan emphasized that “for many years, persons with disabilities tended to be viewed as “objects “of welfare policies. (But) today, (…) persons with disabilities have started to be viewed as people who must enjoy the full spectrum of civil, political, social, cultural and economic rights. “Text available in English.

In Afghanistan, where the Day of Disabled Persons is celebrated today, such a change of mentality is also taking place. A global approach to disability will be implemented by the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled (MMD), through the adoption of a comprehensive strategy for the next three years.

The foreseen budget is US $9.4 million. Half of the funds will be dedicated to services for disabled people, such as physical rehabilitation, education or vocational training. The other half will be devoted to technical advice to partner institutions and ministries, such as the Ministry of Labor, Health or Education.

This strategy, designed with the Comprehensive Afghan Disabled Programme(CADP) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been agreed last week Thursday and will be signed once the new Afghan government is in place.