Statement of Tom Koenigs, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Afghanistan on today’s suicide attack in Uruzgan province

  Today’s bomb attack in Dihrawud district of Uruzgan province has caused tremendous loss of life and once again underscores UNAMA’s deep concern about the use of suicide terrorism in Afghanistan. In no culture, no country, and no religion is there any excuse or justification for mass murder.

I am especially concerned by the reports I am seeing of a large number of children being among the dead from today’s bomb. Such utter disregard for innocent lives is staggering and those behind this must be held responsible. Their act today makes a mockery of recent statements indicating concern for civilian lives.

UNAMA has stressed repeatedly the need for all sides in this conflict to do their utmost to prevent harm coming to civilians. Today has seen a heavy violation of international humanitarian and human rights laws. I offer my full sympathies to the families and friends of those people who have been killed today