Press Conference by Lakhdar Brahimi Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan

Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG):


Good morning.


Thank you for being here and for those of you who were here yesterday would like to apologize most sincerely for having missed our appointment. I was at the Loyal Jirga site and was held up until very late. I don’t have anything very special to say except that I expect to be leaving Afghanistan immediately after this Loyal Jirga. I have been here two years these have been two very busy years. I think that they have been years in which Afghanistan has accomplished a great deal, if you look to the past. But if you look to the future – what is left to be done is much more than what has already been achieved.

I think that Afghanistan is trying to do two things. One, rebuild the institutions of state. The second is reconstruct what had been destroyed by 23 years of conflict. I think that the first step in both these two fields has already been taken. I also think that progress in both these two fields is too slow. I very much hope that after this Loyal Jirga the tempo of achievement will be accelerated. I have the need to say that the United Nations is engaged in supporting the efforts of the people of Afghanistan in both these fields and will remain engaged.

I also have the need to say that for the people of Afghanistan the best, most important requirement that we show to them that progress is being made, is that their security is better insured than it is at the moment. And there again, I think that the Government of Afghanistan, and their partners – in particular NATO, who are now responsible for ISAF need to do better and more than has been done