Transcript of the Press Conference by Lakhdar Brahimi the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan,

Question: Could you just give us – we are heading up to the anniversary of September 11 – could you give us your appraisal of how things have gone in the last year and the successes or failures if you like and what progress has been made?

SRSG: How many hours do you want us to speak about that? Well I think that one of the things that has happened in the [last] year is that international interest has revived for Afghanistan and that is certainly a very welcome development. I think that the people of Afghanistan, remain consistently conscious of the desperate need for peace for their country and I think that there is very little appetite amongst the Afghans – I think practically everyone – for going back to the nightmare of conflict of war. But I don’t think that peace is firmly established, there is no room for complacency, neither for the people of Afghanistan nor for their friends. There is certainly every reason to be hopeful that the consolidation of that peace will happen.

Question: Could you let us know what you know about the investigation going on up in the north as well as the war graves? What do you think that war lords who are involved in this kind of thing should be held accountable and whether could destabilize the situation?

SRSG: These are many questions. As far as I know there is no investigation actively going on now? I would like to remind you that when Physicians for Human Rights published their first report some months ago, they approached us and we went together up there and had preliminary investigation which established that the three bodies that were examined by three [experts], two of whom came from Physicians for Human Rights and one from the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Those three forensic experts established that there was indeed a serious case to look at but they also very strongly recommended that no investigation should take place until there is real possibility of really protecting potential witnesses. Weave endorsed their recommendation.