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My Favorite Nick Saldana Movies

Nick’s Movies is a great place to go if you love independent films. The best feature of Nick’s Movies is that they are all about a guy with real life issues who still managed to get some really good movies. The common thread though is that Nick Lachey is funny in them. He brings the audience in on his wacky world and keeps them laughing long after they’ve left the theater. If you like independent films that are funny, then Nick’s Movies is going to be a hit for you.

One movie that I must mention when discussing Nick’s Movies is The Cable Guy. This is one movie that I absolutely must see to understand what kind of talent Nick Lachey has. It’s one of those comedies where there are three guys and one girl who perform a job for the company. They have been assigned the task of watching over cable guys from the comforts of their own home. When a cable guy goes missing, they track him down and bring him back to work.

The Cable Guy is about two people who are in a dead-end job. One guy is a computer guy and the other is a cable guy. They team up in an odd way and become friends. They also become lovers. It’s a fantastic film that will make you laugh so hard you’ll be dizzy.

Another movie I must mention is Swing Vote. This movie stars Steve Martin and was directed by Donny Deuce himself. This is a fun and enjoyable film that many people enjoy. The storyline is about a bunch of inner-city kids who get to vote on the next president of the United States.

One movie I must mention on this list is Carlito’s Way. This is an interesting movie that takes place in Florida. It stars Dabney Coleman and is centered on the case of a man accused of killing his boss. The movie revolves around the defense attorney’s attempts to win the case. It might not be for everyone but it’s worth a try.

Nick’s other great comedy is Wedding Crashers. This is a movie about a divorced man and the woman he married. I’m not going to go into great detail about the plot because it wouldn’t need to. You’ll just have to see it for yourself. It stars embarrassing screenplays worthy of only a brief synopsis. Some people won’t like it but most will.

Last but not least on my list is A History Of Violence. This movie star Colin Firth plays an Australian anti-hero and ex-convict who are trying to get out of a maximum-security prison. He teams up with a cop from the opposite side of the law and also becomes very close with an ex-cop played by Guy Pierce. This movie had very intense and graphic content that some viewers may not want to watch. But if you’re an adult and you can handle those then this movie is definitely for you.

Nick has gone on to make movies such as The Pursuit of Happyness, Collateral, The Perfect Score, and more. But his best known movies are: Invictus, Desperate Housewives, Broke backs, and I Am Legend. All of these films were produced by Dreamworks and have been wildly successful. It is safe to say that Nick’s films have been his greatest achievements and I would expect nothing less than the same level of success when his next project is released. Whether you are a hardcore action fan or a first time viewer of movies, there is no doubt that Nick has set the bar for all of us.