There has been much talk in the Indian and Pakistani communities about Muslim sex stories. While it is understandable that such discussions are common in both communities, what is often missing from the conversations is the perspectives of those who are either writing or listening from the other side of the divide. Many have accused Muslim women of practicing “westernized” sex. Those same women are accused of not only being promiscuous but also of practicing unadulterated female genitalia. All this, without the woman ever having to say a word.

It is, however, not just the women of Pakistan and India who suffer at the hands of their conservative communities. This is a world-wide phenomenon. While we are hearing many Muslim sex stories on the internet, there are also many Hindu sex stories that you might not be reading about in the newspapers. For instance, a recent controversy in the Hindu community was sparked when one of the candidates for the post of Chairperson of the Central Committee Against Sexual Violence (CCASV) in New Delhi was quoted as saying that the wife of Bangladesh’s ruling party leader, Bangladesh’s women head-to-head (H Bangladesh), should be “executed”. This caused a lot of outrage in the Hindu community, as this act would be seen as a violation of the Basic Wedding Schedule (BWD), which is considered a fundamental right of all Hindu women.

The question is – What is a “Fundamental Right” in the Hindu community? What is a “Fundamental Right” for the Muslims? How can a single community claim ownership of these rights? The first step to understand the root of the problem is to realize that we live in two different cultures and that we have separate sexual ethics. Therefore, we cannot say that a Muslim is being forced to marry a Hindu woman against his will.

While we accept the fact that there is no law that banning Muslim girls from getting married to Hindu men, we also realize that there are cultural norms that restrict Muslim girls from getting married to non-Islamic men. But, in order to understand why Muslim women are not being forced to marry a man against their will, it is important to understand the psyche of a Muslim girl. It is a very delicate and sensitive issue. Since many of these young women come from conservative cultures where honor killing of women is common, they need some sort of assurance that they will not be killed. And marriage in these cultures is not viewed as a “right” but a privilege that can be granted or withheld.

While we cannot condemn Muslim behavior towards Hindu women, we cannot excuse or overlook the fact that there are limits to the behavior of a woman. There are limits to what Muslim men can do to a Hindu woman and there are limits to what Muslim men can expect of a Hindu woman. In order to understand why Muslim girls are not being forced to marry, it is important to understand this. Why is it that a young Hindu girl who comes from a conservative community in India is able to get married to a Muslim man?

The answer lies in the first principle of religion, which is ‘azaha’. When a woman believes that she is following the path of God’s wisdom, then she is not being forced to do something which is against her will. The first step that a woman has to take is to get rid of her gender role. Muslim women have always been married off under the age of 18 in the Muslim culture. This is not true of Hindu women, even today. So the question that must be asked is this: Why is it that a young Hindu girl who has been married off is considered a “housewife” in the Muslim community when she could be doing things like studying, saving money for a marriage, and enjoying her career?

This leads to another question, which is this: Do Muslim sex stories written by and about Muslim women make fun of Hindu women? There are a few websites that actually do this, but the vast majority of stories written by women from the community are positive and light-hearted. Some are even supportive of the rights of Hindu women. The women who write these stories are aware that they will not be popular if they bring down the members of the community. They will, instead, receive support and accolades for writing such stories.

Muslim sex stories are not always about the woman getting married to a Muslim man. They can also be about the woman going for a swim with her husband and being announced at the swimming pool in Arabic, or even about a woman who has won a prize in literature. The stories can be about the family of a Muslim man who has been killed fighting overseas, or they can be about a girl who wants to become a doctor. They are all about the human experience and not about fitting into someone’s expectations. So when you read about stories like these, you know that Muslim sex stories are real, and they come from real people, with real emotions.