It is a good idea to talk about this issue with your partner before Ma Hana takes place. Your partner should also understand that it is not going to harm them in any way. Islamic Muslim Girl Sex

How can a Muslim girl have sex before marriage? Most Muslims believe that there is a small time gap between first sex and marriage. Their fast is strict, so their behavior is controlled.

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Ma Hana is the custom in which a Muslim woman puts her mouth on the hand of her boyfriend before marriage. There are some who think it is offensive to eat with your hands; they think that only eating with the mouth and not doing so is offensive.

Ma Hana is very different from holding hands in public. It is taboo to give any food or drink to your new husband on his wedding day.

Ma Hana does not need to happen on the wedding day. But many Muslims believe that Ma Hana should not take place before the wedding.

A woman can get Ma Hana at any age, although the younger she is the better. When the Muslim man is drunk, it is considered safe to have sex without giving him a reason to think that you do not want to be married to him. However, the latter will happen if he has been drinking for a long time.

This happens because it is believed that Ma Hana is an act of worship, which should not be taken lightly. There are a lot of things about the Muslim faith that are said to cause this to happen.

Ma Hana is not allowed during Ramadan. If the time for this custom has already passed, then you can go ahead with it.

Before Ma Hana, you should be very intimate with your husband. The less you touch him, the better.

Your wife’s body should be cleansed before Ma Hana. The more times you touch her, the worse it will become.

Do not touch the penis of your wife or your lover during Ma Hana. You can masturbate together, but no other sexual activities should take place before this time.

You cannot go to sleep and wake up with your lover in the same room during Ma Hana. The reason behind this is to prevent the man from seeing his beloved naked.