How to Say Sex in Arabic

It’s not easy to find the right words to express the act of sex in the Arab world. Many of the people in the region are deeply conservative and hesitant to talk about sex. But there is a gap between the image of the people and the reality. In the Middle East, for example, thirty to sixty percent of young men and eighty to ninety percent of women have engaged in sex before marriage.

Luckily, there is a good way to translate sex in Arabic. First, use an online translation service. These websites provide search results in a variety of contexts, and include examples of the terms you’ll be looking for. These examples aren’t carefully chosen or verified and may contain inappropriate ideas or terms. If you notice a wrong translation, you can always report it and others will stop using the site. You can also report sexy or colloquial translations in case they aren’t right.

You can use examples to help you translate your search. These examples come from various contexts and are not screened or validated, so they may contain unsuitable terms and ideas. Fortunately, you can report sexy and vulgar translations to help the community. A red-colored example will indicate the translation is offensive or colloquial. These examples are displayed for your reference only. But if you still don’t understand an example, feel free to contact the translation service to ask for clarifications.

You can also find examples of the word sex in Arabic. These examples are provided to help you understand the meaning of a search in different contexts. However, these examples are not checked or selected by the service, so they may contain inappropriate ideas or terms. If you spot such examples, report them to the user-friendly translation sites. You can even report these if you find them to be rude or colloquial.

In Arabic, the word sex is an ambiguous term. You need to be careful and use the correct translation for this word. You can report it to the translation service. There are also examples of the Arabic word sex that are more sexist or vulgar. If you are unsure of what a phrase means, you can request a synonym. You can also report a rude or colloquial expression in an ad.

The examples used in search results are not validated and may contain offensive ideas and terms. If you are concerned that the examples in the search results are too vulgar or colloquial, you can report these terms to the translation services. It is important to choose the appropriate word for your search. The Arabic word for sex is’sex’. It is a verb that means “love’.