How To Have Sex In Egypt – What They Did To Survive During The Time Of The Pharaohs

If you want to experience the thrill of exotic sex in the most romantic way, you must try ancient Egyptian techniques on how to have sex in Egypt. This is one of the oldest known cultures that has left a deep and richly erotic impression on every person across the world. Egypt is known for the most amazing monuments, and the ancient pharaohs were buried alive while they were building the pyramids. Now, you can have a taste of their sensual and adventurous past by experiencing sex in Egypt.

How to have sex in Egypt

The first piece of advice when it comes to sexual activities in Egypt is to be clean. This was made easier by the invention of the vacuum cleaner. It can suck up all the dust and grime from your clothes, bringing back freshness and cleanliness. Cleaning your genitals before you engage in sexual activity is also important. This is because an Egyptian Pharaoh would never have a woman with him who had not been properly cleaned.

Sex is prohibited in Egypt and any person caught performing it will suffer severely. However, this law is now relaxed as seen during the time of the Third Dynasty, when statues of gods and pharaohs were erected in the city with only a symbol of sex being visible. Nowadays, people are free to do whatever they want with their private parts. This is why Egyptian men and women can have sexual relationships freely. However, they need to practice safe sex.

There was a time when people who practiced extreme sexual practices were executed. Today, however, the punishment for people who have sex before marriage is usually just a small fee. People who are caught in the act of having premarital sex face the penalty of up to two years in prison. It is interesting to note that the Ancient Egyptians adopted some very strict rules when it came to their sexuality and their sex lives.

They used to keep a register where all the people living in the community were required to sign. If you were caught having sex, you would be punished by having to serve the rest of your life in prison. Not only did this serve as a form of sentence, but also a form of humiliation.

On the other hand, people who did not practice chastity were sentenced to death. The penalty for people who had multiple partners was the same as the one for those who practised abstinence. Egyptian law did not permit any form of sexual enjoyment until after a wedding. A married couple could not have anything to do with one another until they were divorced. The moment they did, they faced the same fate as people who have broken their marriage vows.

In addition to the people who were executed for their sexual activity, there were others who experienced a great deal of punishment due to their lifestyle. Pharaohs were the ones who sent people to their graves. Others were put to death for being thieves or killers. Some were tortured and even killed for being involved in a rebellion against the Pharaoh. This is why ancient Egyptians have such a good memory of their past.

It is very likely that the place where the Pyramids are located now has a high number of tombs for those who lived during the ancient times. Just remember though that it is illegal to have sex in Egypt without a license. If you want to have sexual activity out of the country, a travel agency is your best option. There are many people who now have second homes based in Egypt.