Hollywood and Unsuspecting Celebrities; Are They Using Sex Tape Stars for Their Own Good?

The recent scandal with Hollywood studios chief Harvey and Bob Weinstein has opened up a can of worms in the world of celebrity nudes, thievery, and illicit affairs. It’s been an absolute circus of emotions since the two Hollywood power players leaked their affair to the media. But if you haven’t been following the story, you might be surprised to know who Egypt is believed to be connected too. Read on for more.

So who has a sex tape celebrity Egypt? Well, Egypt is a common place in many things that are Hollywood. Who wouldn’t want to have an affair with a famous Egyptian anyway? It’s been known that both Bruce Willis and Demi Moore had an intimate relationship with the president of Egypt, Anwar Sadat. They reportedly took photos together and shared each other’s phone numbers.

Now then, I don’t know about you, but I thought that the whole “casting call” theory where famous people are asked to audition by the media is a little off the mark. Why do they always ask you to give a sex tape? They aren’t casting a “mature” person to act out a tape. They are looking for raw material. Now then, we all know that Egypt is the second most populous country in the Middle East, and they have an extensive oil refinery infrastructure in addition to other businesses. Any tape that they may make would most likely be from the oil fields in the Middle East.

And what did the Harvey and Bob Weinstenks reveal in their tape? It appears that they had been bribing Egyptian officials for favors and kick backs. As you might imagine, this is a no, especially now that the whole world is aware of the affair. These two Hollywood celebrities were sentenced to prison and have to pay heavy fines for their illegal actions.

So now what does the “who has a sex tape” story really say? Well, it’s not really much of a story. It’s more like a plotline in a spy movie. Now then, there is one possible relevance here and that is the fact that we now know the Egyptian military has a full blown spy network which specializes in capturing foreign nationals and stealing them back to use against their own population.

Perhaps, there will be many more Hollywood surprises when it comes to Egypt and the infamous “who has a sex tape?” The current climate of worldwide politics certainly offers plenty of opportunity for blackmail to take place. Just think about it. If there was a sex tape featuring Egyptian officials, then perhaps those folks would be more careful with who they let near their political enemies.

Now then, we also know that Hollywood is going to continue to play hard ball with regards to their famous stars and directors. They are making it known that they will no longer allow any production involving a touchy subject to be shown on or off of television or in movies. Perhaps they feel so high and mighty that they have earned the right to dictate the boundaries of free speech and entertainment.

Still, this is probably nothing new. The media will do what they want. Will the Egyptian government ever have a sex tape released of their own citizens? Probably not. But it is good to know that certain topics are off limits in their society.

For instance, it was a hot topic just a couple of years ago when Oscar Pistorious was arrested in a prostitution sting operation. He was ultimately sentenced to five years in a California state prison. This controversy brought an Oscar award to Pistorious’ head, as well as an avalanche of criticism from the press and entertainment industry. It also caused many themed toys to be made in order to keep his name in the public eye.

Who has a sex tape? There are many famous people who have had their moments of notoriety, including Ripper Roxy, John Travolta and Richard Nixon. These individuals all have had their lives touched by the media. The question is, should these individuals have been trusted enough to be portrayed in a pornographic tape? The answer depends on the director and if they had artistic license.

So why does Hollywood continue to use these types of images? They may make for some entertaining movies and may draw some people into wanting to view them, but is this really what we want our famous people to do? Consider this in 2021.