The Egyptians have been collecting erotic sculptures for centuries and they still do it today. Egyptian sex statues are most of the time on the right pedestal and has only a foot. As they are very unique in their style, there are very few Egyptian statues that you can see all around the place. They are best known for their nude statues, which are popularly portrayed with female pharaohs.

The Egyptian sex statues are more than just erotic depictions of erotic scenes; they also give history lessons about Egyptian culture. It is said that the very first statues of sex were made from bronze and these were used in the temples to act as an art of persuasion. Over the years, Egyptian sex statues have been beautifully crafted in marble and stone.

Some of the most popular Egyptian sex statues are: the Maat Hara statue (the thigh-length statue depicting the Maat girl) or the Amarna Statue of the Lame women and the Tanit Hara. A lot of Greek and Roman sculptures are based on these erotic sculptures.

These Egyptian sex statues are now more than just a beauty accessory. These Egyptian sex statues can be the key to solving a mystery or sometimes even an act of intrigue.

So, if you want to know how to get an answer to a mystery, you may have to think of your own attraction to the act. If you have an interest in matters related to sex, these are the kind of questions that may bring up your inner sexual fantasies.

You can make use of your imagination to come up with the kind of question that you would like to ask when trying to solve a mystery. If you choose your search topic carefully, you may find yourself one step closer to finding the answers to that question. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that the answer you seek is definitely important and could be the source of your passion.

The erotic statues that you have seen and heard about are not the only ones that you may use to solve a mystery. You may also try to consult the Egyptian hieroglyphs, which are texts found on several monuments that describe ancient times. This way, you can get hold of the answers to your questions, and you will be surprised to find out that there are actually a lot of things that you may not be aware of.