In the Name of Allah Almighty Most Gracious Most Merciful

As you have the cognizance of the fact, recently some media outlets have disseminated contradictory news and views in regard with my political position on the Loyal Jirga issue. These news and views have caused confusion among the people. Availing the opportunity, I would like to present to my countrymen in clear words the following points to clarify my position.

1) As I have always stated, I do not wish to restore monarchy and am not a candidate for any positions in the Emergency Loyal Jirga. My sole objective is to serve the miserable Afghan nation.

2) I praise the activities of Mr. Hamid Karzai Chairman of the Interim Administration thus support his candidacy as the head of the Transitional Administration.

I insist at the end that every view or interview disseminated or to be disseminated under my name that contradicts the above points does not reflect my political will.

Muhammad Zohar