Discuss roles and responsibilities in creating a peaceful Afghanistan by Dai Kundi youth Afghanistan

Discuss roles and responsibilities in creating a peaceful Afghanistan by DaiKundi youth.

15 August 2011 – Dozens of young people in Dai Kunai province today gathered to discuss their roles and responsibilities in creating peaceful Afghanistan as part of events marking International Youth Day in the region.

The aim of our gathering was to raise awareness among youth – who are the majority of the population in the country – to understand the important role they can play for peaceful Afghanistan± said Jawad Jafri, Head of the Youth Information and Contact Center(YICC) in Dai Kunai.

The discussion focused on the ways youth can contribute to peacebuilding efforts in the country.
Ismael Negates, a young journalist in Dai Kunai, said that as journalist he has highlighted the importance of peace in his reports.

When I write about education, human rights and social justice, I contribute to peace efforts± Negates said.
Other young participant encouraged youth to campaign for peace through education.

When we simply pursue education and encourage others to go to schools, that is a big contribution to peace. It would be great to educate each other, teach our elderly village men and women how to read and write± said Jawed Alidade, a member of a youth group in DaiKundi.

Women should also be empowered to participate in peace building, a young female participant said.

We should work toward empowering women who are half of the population in Afghanistan. When we have strong women beside men working for the better economy of our country, we will stand on our feet and defend our country from insurgency ourselves± said Zineb Rahim.

Participants also heard from speakers, including Muzaffarabad, a lecturer and an intellectual invited to speak about peace efforts from an Islamic perspective.

Islam mean peace, Islam does not allow violence and killings, said Muzaffarabad.

Young people have to work hard for their peaceful future. You have more responsibilities than anyone else± he added.

By UNAMA Bayan