Can The Middle East Get Peace Without Iran Being Blamed?

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Can The Middle East Get Peace Without Iran Being Blamed?

It may seem odd that someone would use the name of a good friend or even a family member in an attack on another person. But xnxx Arab Muslim is exactly what it sounds like. This is not a question of personal or family relationships. This is personal and family – terrorism!

There has been much written in the media about why the xnxx Islamic terrorists chose to go after the Israeli diplomats. Some think it is because of what the Israeli regime did in the war of the Six Day War.

As a result of the wrong notion that this is all about revenge or about Israel wanting to eradicate the Arab population, so many misunderstandings are created. Yes, Israelis have fought and died in the past too. But the problem is Israel never attacked or was attacked by anyone.

But what happened with this attack on the Israeli diplomats? The reason for this is simply the failure of the US State Department in its global leadership role and its failure to enforce International Diplomatic Sanctions against the likes of Iran. These are the same folks who failed to stop the slaughter in Iraq. This was a mistake that has led to the current state of affairs in the Middle East.

The Middle East has been shattered into groups. Who should we blame for this upheaval? Iran and Saudi Arabia who support proxy wars against each other?

If it is all the fault of Iran, then why did the State Department agree to host them at the UN when the country was seeking international sanction? Of course it was Iran, and when we brought them to the U.N. Why were there no sanctions imposed against these rogue nations?

Well, because they represent about half of the Middle East, which means they are our enemies. And we need enemies to fight. You see, there are no “good guys” in the Middle East.

The real experts are those who make it their business to study this region. Unfortunately, if you make such an observation as that Iran is far worse than the Islamic State, no one will listen to you or your point of view.

But let us be honest. There are many reasons why Iran gets nuclear weapons and Iran is in a league of its own and so should be penalized.

Of course, the United States of America is not, and it should not be blamed for this attack. That would be playing right into the hands of the enemy of the United States of America.

When the State Department needs to do whatever it takes to stop another state from obtaining nuclear weapons, and it should, then perhaps we should play the blame game and try to pin the blame on the wrong guys. Maybe we should blame the Iranian, Saudi, Hezbollah and Hamas for the actions of the xnxx Arab Muslim group that attacked the Israeli embassy.

We can help the Middle East gets peace and we can stop the Iranian nuclear weapons ambitions. Please consider all this.