Are you asking yourself the question can Muslims have sex before marriage? If you are then there is absolutely no need for you to remain in an unhappy relationship. Muslim Marriage is a sacred institution and following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), there is a requirement for women to stay away from their homes during the time of the sexual intercourse. They must not even be seen in a public place during that time.

Can Muslims have sex before marriage

This makes it obvious that the only option open to a Muslim woman is to enter into marriage and get completely settled down. It would be wrong for a Muslim girl to even consider getting married without the complete knowledge of her husband. After all, marriage is a contract and if there is any issue between the two, then it will be a big problem for the marriage and the bridegroom would also have to face serious consequences.

It is obvious that the Muslim religion does not prohibit the women from having premarital sex, rather the question is how do women follow the Sunnah of the religion in this regard. Many young girls are very keen on having a pre-nuptial agreement in this regard. However, Islam does not lay any obligations on them and they can have a sexual relation with their future husband as and when they choose.

Islam does not impose any rules about women’s dress code or about the type of clothes they should wear on a daily basis. They can get up at any time and do what they want to do. On the other hand, it is considered improper for a Muslim woman to have pre-marital sex. This means that there can be no physical contact between the two people until the marriage contract has been finalized. In fact, this rule has been implemented for the reason that pre-marital sex alters the whole balance of the relationship, makes it dull and monotonous and in the end destroys the happiness of both the parties.

This situation might seem to be unfair to some women but their own instinct says that it is the best thing for them to do. If you feel that you cannot get what you want from your husband then there is no use of being selfish. What are the men going to say if you say ‘no’ when he asks you to have a physical relationship with him? Besides, you should not lose hope because it is not absolutely impossible to satisfy your husband in bed. All you need is a little patience and self control.

There may be many reasons for which a Muslim woman may not wish to have a pre-nup in this regard. She may feel that she is not in a position to demand what is rightfully hers. On the contrary, some young girls simply believe that the right of their fathers and husbands to have their consent for the marriage is absolute. They also feel that their guardians’ approval is sufficient for them to remain with them in the marital bed for as long as they wish.

However, it has been observed that there are some very courageous women who have had the courage to ask for permission to have premarital sex. Such a step usually leads to a discussion between the two partners. This normally happens when there are differences over religion or cultural aspects. It is also common for married women to seek solace from their faith and to keep their priorities in marriage despite coming under the constraints of culture.

In such cases, the question ‘can Muslims have sex before marriage?’ is used to find out what the cultural situation is. It may be true or may not be true. But it does raise important questions about the way Muslim women are treated in the society. While some cultures allow pre-marital sex, others do not.