Press Briefing: 6 June 2018

Press Briefing at 7:30 PM at the Media Results Centre, Amani High School Almeida e Silva, Spokesman for the Special Representative of the Secretary General 843,000 Cast Their Votes in Iran and Pakistan An estimated 843,000 Afghans living in Pakistan and Iran voted yesterday. Of these 583,000 turned out to vote in Pakistan. That represents …

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Press Briefing: 20 March 2018

Press Conference by Akhtar Brahmi, Special Representative of the Secretary-General Transcript of the Press Conference by the SRSG, Akhtar Brahmi, UNSMA, Kabul Good morning on the eve of Nao Rout, our first in Afghanistan, I thought that we would have a meeting to exchange information without. The first thing I would like to say is …

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