Assassinated Kandahar mayor

Assassinated Kandahar mayor ; Britain special envoy urges Taliban to join peace; Attorney-General Office concludes Kabul Bank assessment; High Peace Council urges militants to stop violence and killings during the month of Ramadan; Afghan and NATO troops kill five Taliban and detained 11 others; Rocket attack kills three children in Kunduz; Taliban claims responsibility for Kandahar mayor assassination. Read archived headlines from 2011



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The Britain’s special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mark Sewall, told media in Kabul that he has discussed with Afghan authorities about peace talks with the Government armed oppositions. Sewall Urged the Taliban to join peace and termed reconciliation as an honorable propos for the insurgents, warning that they would otherwise be killed or detained by the Afghan and ISAF troops. The UK envoy also urged Pakistan to disband terror sanctuaries inside its territory.

A suicide attacker assassinated the provincial mayor of Kandahar, Ghulam Haidari Hamid inside municipality office on Wednesday, said the provincial governor spokesperson Salami Agouti. One of Hamid’s guards sustained injuries in the incident, Agouti added. Meanwhile, another explosion in the Loyal Weal area of Kandahar wounded seven people, including two women and two policemen, Wednesday morning. Taliban claimed responsibility for the death of the Kandahar mayor.

Presidential Karzai strongly condemned the assassination of Kandahar mayor and US ambassador to Kabul expressed condolence over the death of Hamid.

The Attorney-General’s Office has concluded the assessment of Kabul Bank case and will be sent to the court very soon, Deputy Attorney-General, Rahmatullah Ansari said on Wednesday. The Attorney-General’s Office has identified properties belonging to two stakeholders of Kabul Bank — Khalilullah Fairuzi and Shir Khan Farnud, who are currently detained. The properties worth approximately US$ 300 million will be sold by the Banks liquidation committee, Ansari said. The Attorney-General Office detained 15 individuals having links to the Kabul Bank case and sold Bakhtar TV for 41 million Afghanis. Kabul Banks US$403million loan is still unclear, Ansari added.

International troops won it intervene in security affairs of the regions that have been transitioned to Afghan forces, Defense Ministry spokesperson, Zohar Animi told a press conference, Wednesday. US Special Forces will only help Afghan troops conduct some special military operations in the areas that have been handed over to the Afghan forces, Animi told reporters. The transition process is irreversible, the Defense Ministry spokesperson emphasized. In the past one month, 109 Afghan soldiers lost their lives in hostilities, according to the statistics provided by the Defense Ministry.

Interior Ministry on Wednesday voiced concerns over an increase in weapon smuggling from Pakistan into Afghanistan. According to counter narcotics deputy interior minister, General Baz Mohammad Ahmadi, the smuggled weapons are then given to insurgents and terrorist networks in the country. The counter-narcotics official also accused Iranian border forces and customs duties officials of collaborating with cross-border drug smugglers. Around 120 operations have been conducted nationwide in the past one month and more than 3,100kg of opium, 1,700kg of heroin and 7 kg of morphine and some other kinds of drugs have been seized, according to the department.

A number of lawmakers on Wednesday urged the administrative board of the Lower House to summon Rural Rehabilitation and Development Minister, Jarullah Mansoori, over recently released audio tape attributed to him that contained remarks against the Parliament and the President.

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A suicide attacker killed the Kandahar mayor, Ghulam Haidari Hamid, on Wednesday. The mayor had started destruction of illegal houses built on the Government land.

The High Peace Council (HPC) accused a number of non-Muslim countries of supporting Taliban. The HPC chairman, Burhanuddin Rabbani, speaking at the Ulema Council session, said all problems including Taliban issues can be resolved within days with sincere support of Pakistan. Rabbani called on the Taliban to stop violence and killings during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Ministry of Defense detained 12 army personnel, including a driver of former deputy defense minister, General Gulzarak Zadran, accused of involvement in a terrorist attack on Defense Ministry compound, said Defense Ministry spokesman Zohar Animi. They will be tried according to the military rules, he added.

A number of MPs expressed concern that the Lower House still did not find its legal position in the country. In the past six months the Wolesi Jirga could not carry actions for public interests and a game played with the prestige of MPs. They vowed lack of acceptation of responsibility by MPs, lack of implementation of the Wolesi Jirga decisions, weakness of administrative board and suspension of parliamentary commissions work as the main reason for this mistrust.

The High Office of Oversight and Anti-corruption officials said the administrative corruption and lack of implementation of constitution have widened the distance between the Government and the people. Azizullah Ludin cited administrative corruption as the main reason for the people turning to militants for resolving their issues.

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In response to President Karzai’s accusations, in which he said maybe Taliban were paving the ground for America to establish its military bases in Afghanistan, Taliban’s Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said foreigners withdrawal from Afghanistan is a symbolic one and therefore, they will continue fighting against them, adding that the strategic agreement is to eternalize Americans presence in Afghanistan.

The Head of High Peace Council, Burhanuddin Rabbani, said those who are against stability in our country are waging the war in Afghanistan, are getting financed and equipped by foreign and even non-Muslim countries. Rabbani also said Pakistan’s cooperation was necessary in this regard.

UK’s ambassador to Pakistan and Afghanistan said his country has launched efforts to ensure stability in Afghanistan.

The Lower House has asked the Government to present them with the law that lets foreigners launch any sort of operation in Afghanistan.


Outlook Afghanistan

Deputy Minister of Energy and Industries of Tajikistan said on Wednesday that the price of the electricity in Tajikistan is less than the electricity from Uzbekistan. According to him, the power lines will be extended to Afghanistan through a 220-kilowatt cable. The project was due to start last year but it was postponed due to political instability in Afghanistan. The project’s practical phase will starting one month.

Tajikistani border forces killed eight Afghans after they crossed the border into the neighboring country from Namangan province, residents said on Wednesday.
Afghan and NATO troops killed five Taliban and detained 11 others in separate operations in Warded province, officials said on Wednesday.

A rocket hit a house in Char Dara district of Kunduz, killing three children and injuring four people on Tuesday, the district chief said.

The Taliban on Wednesday claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing that killed the Kandahar mayor.

Pakistan’s blockade of a key supply route for the US troops in Afghanistan will definitely have an impact, but will not jeopardize its military mission, a top Pentagon official told lawmakers on Tuesday.

Amp, Riya Nayel said that she can only visit her home province of Ghor once a year due to insecurity.

A number of residents in Laghman province said they won’t cast their votes for any candidate in the next parliamentary elections, because MPs they vote for did not keep their promises.

Afghanistan Times

Five residents of Khost province were released from the Bagram facility on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Education signed a new literacy development program’s agreement with UNESCO on Wednesday. The programed is funded by Japan and will be conducted for 600,000 people in 18 provinces.

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Outlook Afghanistan

To avoid total collapse of the Government following full withdrawal of international forces and the aid, the remaining short time and little resources should be spent on institutionalizing adherence to law, democracy and law. Or else, current incapable institutions will serve no magic for changing the existing route.


Herat (RTA) Headlines

Herat Governor announced that US$ 50 million is allocated for implementing 48 development projects including strengthening governance, social security, education, natural resources, and infrastructure.

Security officials arrested a notorious AGE members along with some weapons and a station wagon in Shin and district on Wednesday.

Kandahar (RTA) Headlines

Unidentified gunmen killed the commander for the local police in Helmand, Haji Noor Ali.

Afghan National Army and Police conducted special operations in Sofi Manda of Grishk district of Helmand province which resulted in the killing of eight insurgents, including two commanders.

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Five residents of Khost province were released from the Bagram air-base, the main US military base which was renamed as Parwan prison following its management was handed over to the Afghans.

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On Wednesday, three-day Mine Risk Education Training of Trainers (MRETOT) concluded in Gardez, the provincial capital of Paktya.