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We found this USA despising Arab praying to Ala. When she stood confronted by our man and asked if she would boff an American male she told us straight to our face ‘Fuck Americans’ then woman told us she had an explosive on her and she’d better blow us all up and set fire to …

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This hottie is really the most god-fearing arab girl we have ever saw! We spent a couple minutes to even get her attention because she was praying so hard. We had been deflecting her from her process pretty much time trying to convince her to come and amuse with us. And know what? This arab slut told us that …

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Avaishah is a usual law abiding Arabic female, but she gets stressed all the time for being a terrorist. She doesn’t like Americans but she wishes to stop people from bothering her. She thought the best way to do would be to fuck an American male and film porn video so many people would know that she is not …

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