The ability to experience the heavenly Egyptian sex, or karezza, is certainly an extraordinary thing. And what it means for the individual is having their internal human body functioning in a completely natural way, which it has never done before. It is one of the unique things that anyone can experience and not be dependent on drugs or pharmaceuticals.

Egyptian sex

If you are wondering why anyone would want to do something so radical and ancient, it’s because there is a lot of information about it out there. This ancient book was written as an alternative form of therapy to dealing with the symptoms of menopause. It is good for other people, too, because it shows how this ancient culture dealt with its fertility. It is a secret book, and it contains a lot of interesting details.

This ancient book from Egypt was originally written around 2020 BC. It is full of details about Egyptian fertility beliefs and practices.

In the book, it talks about how the men in ancient Egypt did not feel sexual pleasure until they had the power of an orgasm from the Egyptian mother’s love. This is a very profound and important point to understand. The ancient Egyptians did not feel pleasure through sexual intercourse at all.

They relied on the Gods only, for pleasure. They did not like the thought of the sexual act or the act itself, even though they considered the act themselves as good and right. The feeling of satisfaction of the Goddess Erotia, and feeling of being the conduit of her love and her fertile energy, were far more important to them than sexual pleasure.

They only made love when they felt the desire to do so from the ancient book. When a man reached a certain age, he would go out and find a wife and do it on her behalf. This would have been to satisfy his need to give in marriage to the wife, and also to ensure that she became pregnant, and she would not marry a man who had not had a wife, and who was impotent.

The ancient book talks about the female body and the female orgasm, and how the Egyptian women would bring their husbands out of the bed and into the river. It talks about how the Egyptian women would always be the ones who made love, and the men never made love to them. If they didn’t feel love or desire, then they were to be taken in the river.

When a man reached a certain age, he would feel a desire to see his Pharaoh, the most important person in the country, and request him to take him to a certain room where the Ancient Book could be found. The Pharaoh would show up with it, and then the book would tell the man to perform certain acts on his wife. These act would involve intercourse with her.

The woman would become so orgasmic that the feeling would build until it was orgasmic again. The Pharaoh would then do what he had promised. He would do what he had promised, but he would make sure that he could still make love to the woman he loved.

The feeling would then start to fade away, and it would begin to dwindle. Then the woman would fall asleep, and the husband would stand over her and look at her and talk to her and tell her that he had done his duty, and that it was now time for him to retire. When he finished, she would awaken and begin to feel discomfort and pain.

This was the entire mind of the Pharaoh, the ancient king of Egypt. She would sleep and begin to suffer from insomnia.