All About Allie Jordan

A porn parody, Allie Jordan XXX is a very entertaining video that depicts a porn star’s adventures. She has her own websites, which are full of wild and naughty stuff. A good review of her movies can be read in Allie’s official website.

Allie was born in North Carolina in 1977 and it was through her participation in adult movies that she became known as an adult film star. Her popularity spread to other parts of the United States and in 1998, she came out with her first feature-length movie, Allie Jordan – American Queen. This was followed by the release of Allie Jordan XXX in 1999. Allie has made more than 200 pornographic films, some of which were nominated for major awards.

All of her adult films were shot on a small budget, but Allie managed to create her own niche in the pornography industry by creating an alluring image for herself. Her movies are well-liked by porn lovers, and they have even inspired many imitations of Allie’s work.

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