Leading stories in today’s Afghan media

Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA has started its transmission in Zabul province, according to the head of information and culture department in the province. The TV programs will be broadcast from 5 to 11 pm.

RTA (Balk)

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) conducted a two- day-workshop on “Women’s Access to Justice” for Mullahs in Mazar-i-Sharif.

Rabia Balkhi Radio (Balkh)

The World Food Program (WFP) in coordination with the Women’s Affairs Department distributed food assistance to 50 vulnerable families affected by recent floods in Balkh province.

Sada-e-Azadi Radio (ISAF)

The Afghan Red Crescent Society distributed food and non-food items to 1,250 displaced people in the Muqur district of Badghis province.

Ariana Radio

Avalanches have blocked the roads in the Surkhi Parsa district of Parwan province last night and the residents asked the government for urgent help, said a district council member.

Tolo TV

Police arrested three terrorists in the Tagab district of Kapisa province.

Afghanistan Times

President Karzai, speaking to the meeting of advisor ministers on Tuesday said that he would not allow the legitimacy of regime be questioned nor the enemies of the country to misuse this issue against Afghanistan’s national interests.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs plans to issue new weapon licence for those who need weapons for their security, said Abdul Manan Farahi, the head of the Anti-terrorism department of the ministry.

Kabul Times, Outlook Afghanistan and Weesa Dailies

Editorial: The attack by 12 heavily armed gunmen on a convoy of Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore shows that terrorism is a big threat to the World and especially this region.

Anis and Hewad Daily

Editorial: All Afghans should put their differences aside and join hands to hold fair and transparent elections in order to preserve the legitimacy of the regime and stability in the country.

Hasht-e-Subh Daily

Editorial: The President should safeguard the Constitution. Why did President Karzai postpone a constitutionally scheduled election? A delay in the elections shows that President Karzai wanted to limit the campaign time of his rivals. It is believed that President Karzai purposefully wasted time for the other candidates. If he himself was not a presidential candidate, it could not make much difference. Therefore, he should withdraw his candidacy for the elections. Otherwise, the row will not end.

Daily Afghanistan

Editorial: While opposition to President Karzai’s new decree about the date of elections continues, there are some rumours of regroupings as follows:
President Karzai is to withdraw his candidacy;
Marshal Fahim is to side with President Karzai;
The Lower House Speaker Mohammad Younus Qanuni’s stand towards the National Front is not clear yet;
Mohammad Mohaqeq, who did not accept membership of the National Front from the beginning, is still considered to be an independent candidate.
Also there is report that one of the presidential candidates is in the process of talks with the Taliban and Hekmatyar, with the mediation of Saudi King.