Impromptu Remarks by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Lakhdar Brahimi on the Explosion Outside the United Nations Offices in Kandaharat the Inauguration of the Joint Electoral Management Body

The car bomb that went off in front of the UN offices in Kandahar this afternoon– if I may first say how terribly sorry we are that one student I understand has been wounded. I hope, inshallah that he will recover.

The United Nations has been helping, working with the people of Afghanistan for many, many years. We are not armed, we have no protection, and our protection is provided by the Government of Afghanistan and more importantly by the people of Afghanistan.

So, Your Excellency, I cannot believe that anybody who attacks the United Nations in Afghanistan is a friend of the people of Afghanistan. The United Nations has been here for many, many years helping the people of Afghanistan. We did not in the past, and do not now have any agenda for or against anybody. Our only agenda has been and remains to help the people of Afghanistan establish peace and stability and reconstruction.

I think an inquiry has started into the attack on the United Nations offices in Kandahar. I hope the Government of Afghanistan will find out who is behind this outrage and will bring them to justice.

And if I may, Your Excellency appeal to you and to the Government of Afghanistan and also to the people of Afghanistan to provide more security for the United Nations so that we continue to provide the services that we can give to the people of Afghanistan.