Statement Attributable to the Spokesman of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan

The Special Representative of the Secretary General, Akhtar Brahmi expressed his deep regret that student had been injured in the attack and hoped that he would soon recover. He said the United Nations has been helping and working with the people of Afghanistan for many years. “We are not armed, we have no protection, our protection is provided by the Government of Afghanistan and more importantly by the people of Afghanistan”, he stated.

Mr. Brahmi said: “I do not believe that anybody who attacks the United Nations in Afghanistan is a friend of the people of Afghanistan. The United Nations has been here for many years helping the Afghan people. We did not in the past, and do not now have any agenda for or against anybody. Our only agenda has been and remains to help the people of Afghanistan establish peace and stability and reconstruction.”

Mr.Brahimi said he hoped the Government of Afghanistan would find out who’s behind this outrage and bring them to justice. He appealed to Afghan President Hamid Karzai and to the Government of Afghanistan as well as the people of Afghanistan to provide more security for the United Nations so that “we continue to provide the services that we can give to the people of Afghanistan.”