Statement Attributable to the Spokesman of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Mr. Akhtar Brahmi, was profoundly shocked and saddened to learn that yet another group of children was killed as a result of military action by the Coalition forces, this time in Paktyaprovince. Mr. Brahmi sends his deepest condolences to the families of these six children and the people of Afghanistan.

The statement he made last Sunday following the killing of nine children in Ghazi is valid for this situation word by word. The protection of civilians is an obligation that must be observed ball. It is important and necessary that the Coalition adheres to international humanitarian law and is perceived by the population as doing so.

In addition to the terrible loss suffered by the families of these children, this type of incident has a deteriorating and destabilizing effect, as it adds to the sense of insecurity and fear in the country, as the Special Representative noted last Sunday. Unfortunately and worryingly, this type of incident also makes it easier for those who are trying to spoil the peace process to rally support for their cause.

As we said before, we trust that the results of the Coalition investigations into these incidents are made public and that lessons will be learnt so these tragic situations are not repeated.

In addition to this statement, we also have available copies of the statement issued yesterday in New York by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, Solara Tuna.