A Book Review of Mona Farouk’s Sexual Magic

Mona Farouk, the woman’s magician, was a prolific publisher and biographer. She wrote erotic romance, guides to love and relationships, her autobiography: Marriage in the Mirror of Love, and many more books.

Mona Farouk was born a slave in Africa. She was a woman’s magician and healer. She is probably best known for a series of erotic novels she published under the name of Monica Bell.

Mona’s most popular sensual sensuality, which was part of her selling point to publishers, is a form of healing called tantra. It deals with the spiritual dimension of sexuality. Tantra is basically the science of the union of spirit and matter. The resulting union between two physical human beings is holy.

Mona’s original writing on this subject covered aspects of sex with angels, the inner space of the body where sexual energy can exist, and the sex act itself. Her classic books on sex and sexuality and their relationship to spirituality also helped establish her reputation as an authority in the area of spirituality.

Mona Farouk learned tantra from her father, an Eastern African priest who had spent twenty years in India and Tibet. His teachings were absorbed into Mona’s being. He used the word “tantra” to describe her personal experience and her personal style of teaching it.

In Tantra, one starts by listening to the instructions of a spiritual teacher. The teacher explains the meaning of things, talks about the law of attraction, explains why we should be kind and so on.

Then, from there, one learns to understand the basic instructions of tantra. One is taught how to merge with that teacher. And it is this merger with the teacher, through the spiritual guide, that is what Tantra teaches.

Mona Farouk is famous for her artistry of presenting the same spiritual message in such a way that entices readers to reach out and connect with their own inner guru. In her books, she uses the language of glamour (her best-selling Mystical Mind series) and the language of erotic (her erotic romance series).

Sex is a high spiritual activity. Mona Farouk felt it important to emphasize this, for in many ways sex is divine. After all, the purpose of sex is to enhance the spiritual connection between two people.

Sex is divine because it brings the two parties together. In other words, it is a union of two great powers. In fact, it is an act of will and consciousness.

Sex is divine because it unites two people in their deepest thoughts and feelings. To get to this point is the ultimate goal of almost every sex act. As long as a person is thinking or feeling anything at all, there is at least some desire to have sex with another person.

To take the next step, Mona Farouk wants us to follow these suggestions. For one thing, we need to realize that we are the creators of our thoughts and feelings. Then, we need to understand that our own spirituality can only survive when we receive spiritual guidance.