Women leaders unite to influence political debate

The first Afghan women parliamentarians’ resource center was opened yesterday (7 August) in the capital, Kabul.

The center will support women Members of Parliament to become strong political leaders and equip them with the technical knowledge they need to help shape Afghanistan’s future.

The center, established by the Parliament and UNIFEM (the UN’s development fund for women) will give women leaders the tools and the base they need to influence the political agenda in world dominated by men.

Located just behind the Parliament building, the Centre has a library; computer room, with internet access; a media room; an area for members to exchange ideas over tea; and conference rooms for meetings with their constituents and key players from political and the wider civil society.

Over 20 female Members of Parliament, excited at the prospect of using the new center to drive their agenda on national development forward attended the opening ceremony.

As they explored the building for the first time, they eagerly sat down at the computer terminals, with one Member of Parliament saying, “It’s wonderful to have such a space to meet, with the equipment we need to ensure we can make a real difference.”

Meriam Aslan, director of UNIFEM, said: “The Centre will allow women to network amongst themselves and with members of provincial councils and civil society and debate the issues of the day in an environment focused on mutual support.”

The center is located at Shore Street, opposite the Food and Agriculture Organization’s new office, Karter 3, Kabul. It is open from Saturday to Thursday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can contact the center administrator on + 93 (0) 798 26 32 55.