SRSG Kai Eide’s JCMB statement

This JCMB meeting will demonstrate that important progress is underway in some crucial areas of our work.

First of all, the ongoing work in the Ministry of Interior is broad and ambitious. It will lead to a stronger police, both in quality and number of police officers. This will give us an important contribution to improving stability as well as respect for the rule of law in this country. Furthermore, the work which has now been initiated will enhance the fight against corruption, the control of Afghanistan’s borders and our counter-narcotics efforts.

Second, the counter-narcotics work will be further strengthened by a new funding mechanism with the full involvement of the Ministries of Agriculture and of Rural Rehabilitation and Development.

Third, the strengthening of institutions and of local governance is moving forward under the leadership of the IDLG. It is supplemented by a more active involvement of the Senior Appointments Panel with the aim of promoting merit-based appointments.

Fourth, the Ministry of Agriculture is working hard to establish priorities for the short and medium term. This will enable us to increase agricultural production and help us manage the threats of humanitarian crises in the future.

All these topics are clearly based on the priorities established in the ANDS, priorities that were supported strongly at the June Paris Conference. They reflect the basic concerns of the Afghan people as well as those of public opinion on donor countries.

I am encouraged by the program we now see emerging. There is clearly a momentum in a number of key areas. Now our focus must be concentrated on stimulating this momentum to make sure that ongoing work can lead to tangible results on the ground.