Ancient Egyptian Sex Stories – Unleashes the Lust Within You!

Egyptian sex stories are more than just love stories and tales. Most of the tales that exist are about Egyptians who were not only incredibly curious about their sexual behavior, but their perversions were also well known to them. The stories that you will find here will show you the aspects of Egyptian sex that you may have never seen before. افلام سكس

Egyptian religion was at the time of these stories was the greatest part of any celebration or great attraction to a man and woman. Any great fortune or success of any kind was often greatly celebrated through sexual sex.

A great Egyptian sex story is of a man who later became very famous in Egypt in his day. He was named “The King of the Kings” but as Egypt was quite a conservative place, his fame was somewhat tarnished. He was caught in bed with his nurse, one of his female servants and was whipped as a result. Yet this young king would continue his sex life with the same woman to the end of his days.

He was once caught in bed with a cat when she had been so drunk that she could not talk. When her master saw this, he began to flog the maid mercilessly and finally took the opportunity to correct the imbalances in the family and raise the daughter up. Another time when he was married with two female wives and they wanted to get a bit more than was usual to make love to each other, they couldn’t. The wife told her husband so and he flogged the servant severely until she gave up and stopped complaining.

There are many stories in ancient Egyptian stories about women who were so extremely sexual that they used their sexuality to seduce their husbands or men of their liking. One lady was seduced by the name of “Mish-Kate” who showed a talent for seduction. This lady became so much in demand for seduction, that she became a mistress of several different men and used her sexual prowess to make money for all of them.

The story of “Myos Horkon” was a seduction that occurred at the time when the Pharaoh’s court was newly built. The Pharaoh’s advisor was having an affair with a woman named Meda, who was of the king’s court.

Some of the most ancient Egyptian sex stories about a wife who did not respect her husband were tales of Nefertiti, who was the wife of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen. She lived in the 11th century BC and was known for her seductive behavior and knowing the ins and outs of sexual pleasure.

An account that was very interesting was about how Nefertiti seduced the Pharaoh. During her early years in her husband’s court she convinced him to marry her. In order to help her convince him, she did certain things, which she later explained to him.

Nefertiti made use of her sexual skills in order to satisfy her husband. A dream that she was given by an Egyptian god and was able to give him incredible pleasure while in bed. This led to Nefertiti to being a believer of marriage as an act of love and also worship it.

Her other great pleasure was to use her sexuality to give love to her husband as well as to make him happy as well. This allowed her to exert more power and control over her husband that he appreciated.

These are some of the best and most ancient Egyptian sex stories that you can get to read and remember. You will be shocked by the ways in which their minds were filled with sexual thoughts. It would be safe to say that if you are interested in learning more about your sexual desires and interests you will definitely need to pick up a copy of this to read.