Statement Of His Majesty Mohammad Zahir Shah former king of Afghanistan on his return to Afghanistan

Dear compatriots,

I cannot explain how I am feeling having returned to my country after almost thirty years. This is the happiest moment of my life.

I together with my victorious people, have endured all miseries in the country i.e. foreign invasion and interference, political revolt, war and bloodshed and the serious problems which have emanated from drought and famine.

I have come to spend the rest of my life with my people. I have not come to restore monarchy, but I would like to be close to my countrymen again and help them address the problems in Afghanistan which have surfaced as a result of tens of inappropriate governments, inability and wrong policies that have drawn Afghanistan to the present situation.

I fully support the Interim Administration led by Mr. Hamid Karzai. HâmidKarzay is a real patriot Afghan and has provided a sound leadership to our country. His father lost his life for the sake of Afghanistan.

Aim hoping for the convening of the Emergency Loyal Jirga and establishment of transitional government, which will lead to the convening of the traditional Loyal Jirga in two years. I pray for the success of all these steps, which will provide grounds for a peaceful, stable and democratic Afghanistan.