Statement from the Families and Friends of the Three UN Workers Abducted in Kabul

The families and friends of Annetta Flanigan, Angelito Nayan and Shqipe Hebibi have asked us to distribute the statement below.

Ithas been more than two weeks since Angelito, Annetta and Shqipe were taken.At this sacred time and of giving gifts the only gift we desire is their safe return.

Angelito,your sister says “I, together with the rest of the family, want to relay to you that we all love you. We are always here for you. We pray for you that you’ll be here with us soon.”

Annetta,your mother says, “Everybody is praying for you and hoping that you will be home soon.”

Shqipe,your friend says, “I miss your laughter, your constant teasing of me and your voice.”

We understand that after 25 years of strife and uncertainty some people in Afghanistan may do desperate things. But the Afghan people are honorable.

Wedearly hope that the people holding Angelito, Annetta and Shqipe will demonstrate that honor at this holy time and place them somewhere safe where they can be found and restored to us.

The families and friends of Annetta Flanigan, Shqipe Hebibi and Angelito Nayan