Concerned Afghan Government institutions corruption

4 August2011 – Mike Mullen concerned over administrative corruption in AfghanGovernmentЎЇs institutions; Iran urges Afghanistan not to sign strategic pact with US – senators; Kabul residents complain of skyrocketing food prices; Powerful men step up land grab following Kandahar mayorЎЇskilling; West sabotaging relations between Iran and Afghanistan -Malaki; 20 militants joined the Government in Nangarhar; Police to disarm nearly 4,000 irresponsible militias in Kunduz; Coalition forces apologize for killing civilians in Maiden Warded. Read archived headlines from 2011 >

The visiting Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Dam Michael Mullen expressed concern over the administrative corruption in the Government institutions and said that the US would not ignore tithe authorities of the anti-corruption institutions accepted the existence of corruption in the Government organs and they accused the international community of being involved in the rampant corruption in the country. They urged the intentional community not to ignore huge corruptions inside the international organization in the country. The head of the High Office of Oversight and Anti-corruption, Mohammad Yasin Osmania urged the international community to support their efforts against corruption and provide the office with the required corruption-related evidences.

A number of Afghan senators who just returned from an Iran visit said that the Iranian authorities called Afghanistan as an occupied state and urged the Afghan Government not to sign strategic pact with Washington. According to the senators, Iran agreed to stop deportation of over 1.4 million Afghan refugees and pave the ground for their education. They also pledged to review the cases of those Afghan inmates in the country [Iran] who have been sentenced to death penalty.

A number of experts on Monday said that pressure from inside the presidentЎЇsoffice forced Waleed Omar to resign. Experts believe that Pakistan and Gulbuddin Hekmatyars Herb-e-Islamic had limited the space towhead Omar inside the Presidential Palace.

The Information and Culture Minister, Sayed Makhdoom Raheem, journalists and reporters participated on Monday in the mourning ceremony framed Omid Khpalwak who has worked for BBC and Pajhwok and was killed last week in Uruapan. Afghan Information Minister termed the killing of reporters the work of the enemies of freedom. A media support group accused Afghan Government and international community of being careless to identify the perpetrators of the journalists killing.

The bodyguards of Herat mayor injured two civilians on Monday, said residents. A municipality official in the district eight of Herat city has blocked a public road near his house and then mayor destroyed bridge in the same area which faced with public resistance, witnesses said. Meanwhile, provincial police officials, confirming the incident, said the perpetrators will be dealt with according to the constitution.

Ariana TV Headlines

Residents of Kabul complained about the skyrocketing prices of food items during the holy month of Ramadan.

A mine explosion seriously injured an official of the National Directorate of Security in Amar Dara district of Farah province.

Four policemen were killed and two others injured in a joint ISAF and Afghan commando bombardment on a police check post in Nuristan. Reports said that ISAF forces also took 12 other policemen with them.
Meanwhile, Governor of Nuristan condemned the incident.

Jawzjan Provincial officials said that Afghan forces killed 12 insurgents and completely destroyed hideouts of terrorists in Quash Tapa adders Hob districts of the province. Meanwhile, 30 Taliban militants joined the peace process in the province.

Ata gathering in Herat, reporters strongly condemned the killing foamed Omid Khpalwak during a terrorist attack in Uruapan last Thursday.

Shams had TV Headlines

Chamber of Commerce says it is to control market prices during the holy month of Ramadan.

America Visiting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael G. Mullen says the existence of Haqqani Network in Pakistan is a threat to Afghanistan.

Kandahar people say powerful local people are usurping Government land plot sat in the wake of assassination of Kandahar mayor.


Hash-e-Sobh Daily

Iran’s Ambassador to Afghanistan, Freda Hussein Malaki, claimed that the western countries try to tarnish Tehran-Kabul ties.

The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen, said that Aft-Pak border areas are still terrorists safe havens and the most dangerous place in the world.

The article questions why the government does not take serious remarks made by Home Sultana that Taliban leader Mullah Omar is at her house. If she really tells the truth, why the National Directorate of Security and the National Security Council do not investigate the issue? If such claims are baseless, then why such permission is given to anyone to discredit the prestige of the Parliament? Even though, Sultans remarks do not seem to be acceptable, but it is good to prove the truths and lies of Mullah Omar’s sister.

20 militants joined the peace process in Nangarhar province.

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) seriously condemned Taliban’s attacks on government’s institutions in Uruapan and targeting of a civilian bus by a roadside mine in Helmand, terming the actions as violation of human rights.

Mandela Daily

Parowan governor, General Abdul Baser Salami, denied the allegations made by a number of media outlets that he has confiscated Government-owned lands in Kabul and Parowan provinces.

Head of the Ahmadi Shah Masood’s Foundation Ahmad Wail Masood said that we shouldn’t allow dictatorship rule the country.

Government officials and analysts said that Taliban militants in order to undermine the security transition process, have increased their attacks in those areas whose security responsibility has been handed over to Afghan forces in the first phase of the transition process.

A number of officials at the Presidential Palace, who pretend to be thoughtful, are misguiding President Karzai to keep him away from his advisors who have shown tendency towards the West and some neighboring countries. These officials want to implement Hezb-i-Islami and Pakistani ideas at the palace.

The Attorney-General’s Office announced that it has completed its investigation regarding Kabul Bank and will soon send the dossiers of perpetrators to court.

Referring to revision of the US regarding having a strategic pact with Afghanistan, it seems that the US does not need to sign the strategic pact with Afghanistan as it aims to ensure its long-term presence and to establish its permanent military bases in Afghanistan at a very lower cost. President Karzai, too, does not favor the signing of such a pacts it may result in serious reaction of Pakistan as Karzai depends on mediation of Pakistan in peace talks with Taliban.

Wesaw Daily

Police in Kunduz province are to disarm nearly 4,000 irresponsible armed men.

Innis meeting with a delegation of Pakistani National Pakhtunkhwa Party and National Party, President Karzai said peace should be ensured in both Pakistan and Afghanistan, by whatever means possible.

Daily Afghanistan

The Chairperson of the transition affairs, Ashraf Ghana Ahmadi, said that the work on the second, third and fourth phases of the transition has begun. Ahmadi added that with the cooperation of the international forces a specific plan would be developed.

Officials of the healthcare centers in Party province reported about increase of whooping cough among the locals.

Eastern zone border police said that Pakistani forces have violated border rules in more than 50 cases.


The high fee in the private higher education organizations has prevented youths to continue high education.

Eslah Daily

President Karzai appointed Rahmatullah Rasheed as his advisor on tribal affairs.

In their meeting with Parowan governor, elders and clerics in Parowan expressed their support to the programs of High Peace Council.


The coalition has apologized for killing of civilians in Sayed Abad district of Maiden Warded province.

State Media Editorials


Though the first face of security transition process was marred with an increase in destructive attacks in the country, but we believe that the second, third and fourth phases of transition would be fallowed with success and enrichment of experience to tackle terrorist attacks.

Private media editorials

Daily Afghanistan

Referring to the ongoing insecurity process in the country, the author writes that the present situation is the result of administration corruption, adding that distrust has now infiltrated even among the statesmen themselves. Instead of the ongoing process, which is something like waste of time, the Government ought to concentration the issue of security after the 2014. Otherwise, Taliban might have more time to penetrate deeper into the body of the Government.

Outlook Afghanistan

A joint Declaration by Afghanistan and NATO on 20 November 2010, said, “NATO re-affirms its long-term commitment to a sovereign, independent, democratic, secure and stable Afghanistan that will never again be a safe haven for terrorists and terrorism and toe better future for the Afghan people.” Or it says the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan reaffirms its commitment to “combating terrorism, strengthening the economy, addressing corruption, regional security and economic co-operation and respect for human rights, in particular the rights of women.” But as experiences show, these sorts of reaffirmed pledges serve little to rekindle hope for a change in this bad life. They can do serves if they are implemented effectively to really begin to effect any tangible change in public life. In fact, there remain limited opportunities for Afghans to overcome poverty and live a dignified life, which they really deserve.

Afghanistan Times

Most of the western ask that why they hate us despite the fact that the US has spent billions of dollars, the simple answer is that for west dollar is sacred and for us blood is sacred and this is the only difference that has a brought a cleavage between east and west.


Nangarhar (RTA) Headlines

Afghan and ISAF forces killed five Taliban militants in Nuristan and Kumar provinces.

Bayan (Radio Bayan) Headlines

Local officials in Chider district of Dai Kunai said the locals are suffering from lack of basic needs of life, such as drinking water and drought which has decreased the crops in the district by 50 per cent.

Kandahar (Sugar Daily) Headlines

Politicians are stepping up their own security measures after the recent spate of target killings in Kandahar province.